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Dr Smith's Sacred Heart Hill Route

Running Route

10.73 mi
1,221 ft
1. From RBAC, run North on Arroyo Blvd toward Rose Bowl. 2. When you reach Seco Street, safely cross the street, and run counter-clockwise around the Rose Bowl Loop to Salvia Canyon. 3. At Salvia Canyon, turn RIGHT 4. At Linda Vista, turn RIGHT 5. At Lida Street, turn LEFT (IMPORTANT - Stay single file/narrow as you make your ascent. Watch for cars and bicycles) 6. At Figueroa Street, turn RIGHT 7. At San Augustine Drive, turn RIGHT 8. At Wendover Road, turn RIGHT 9. At St. Katherine's Drive, turn RIGHT 10. At Inverness Drive, turn LEFT 11. At Corona Drive, turn RIGHT 12. At Highland Drive, turn RIGHT 13. Highland Drive turns into Linda Vista Ave 14. At Salvia Canyon Road, turn LEFT 15. At West Drive, turn RIGHT towards Lot K and bottom of Rose Bowl 16. At Arroyo Blvd, turn RIGHT and head back to RBAC Congrats!
Created By
Pasadena Pacers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
RB Drive Repeats0.19 mi62 ft5.9%
Rose Bowl East Trail0.67 mi62 ft1.7%
clubhouse to the bridge0.82 mi59 ft1.2%
Trail Gate to Salvia Cyn Rd0.64 mi-46 ft-1.1%
Salvia Canyon0.30 mi49 ft3.1%
GTFO of the Rose Bowl0.27 mi79 ft5.3%
Salvia Canyon Rd (Up)0.27 mi85 ft5.9%
Salvia - crosswalk to rock pile0.24 mi75 ft5.9%
Figueroa St Climb0.52 mi141 ft5.0%
Lida Street Climb1.24 mi371 ft5.0%
Up Lida0.89 mi322 ft6.7%
Figueroa St Climb0.91 mi312 ft6.5%
Lida Steeps0.88 mi295 ft6.3%
Figueroa Street Climb0.27 mi138 ft9.6%
Linda Vista to TOP of Figueroa0.60 mi121 ft3.4%
San Augustine Dr. Hill Climb0.61 mi308 ft9.6%
Down St. Katherine1.21 mi-446 ft-7.0%
Linda Vista descent2.63 mi-410 ft-2.8%
Salvia DOWN0.24 mi-69 ft-5.4%
Afterburner0.35 mi-26 ft-1.4%