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8 Miles (North) from RBAC

Running Route

8.01 mi
596 ft
1. From RBAC, run North on Arroyo Blvd toward Rose Bowl. 2. When you reach Seco Street, safely cross the street, and run counter-clockwise around the Rose Bowl Loop to "Heart Attack Hill". 3. Run up Parkview Avenue (aka "Heart Attack Hill") to Yocum Street. 4. At Yocum, turn Right and head towards Linda Vista. 5. At Linda Vista, turn Right, and run North on Linda Vista. 6. Continue on Linda Vista to Berkshire Avenue, turning right at the Y in the road. 7. Continue along Berkshire until you go just a little past Dover then turnaround. If you hit Somerset, you've gone too far (for 8 miles). 8. After you turnaround, continue back along Berkshire to Linda Vista until you get to Seco street, Go down Seco towards the Rose Bowl, hug the curve back to Arroyo Blvd, and run towards RBAC. Well done!
Created By
Pasadena Pacers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
RB Drive Repeats0.19 mi62 ft5.9%
RB Drive Climb to Stop Sign0.28 mi89 ft6.0%
clubhouse to the bridge0.82 mi59 ft1.2%
Rose Bowl East Trail0.67 mi62 ft1.7%
North Arroyo Boulevard Climb0.67 mi154 ft4.3%
Parkview Hill0.13 mi89 ft11.1%
Top of Linda Vista Climb0.76 mi135 ft3.2%
St Katherine Dr Climb0.26 mi141 ft10.0%
Overpass to Berkshire0.29 mi26 ft1.1%
Linda Vista Descent 22.77 mi-394 ft-2.6%
Afterburner0.35 mi-26 ft-1.4%