Past Month

Half COEre 2019

Cycling Route

49.34 mi
10,234 ft
Created By
Marc B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jim Donnelly Climb to Steer Ridge Rd3.23 mi1,316 ft7.7%
Jim Donnelly climb to first plateau2.29 mi1,063 ft8.8%
Up JD to E. connector0.91 mi459 ft9.5%
JDT to the Picnic Table1.24 mi643 ft9.2%
JD-Spike-Timm Loop5.89 mi1,444 ft0.3%
Jim Donnelly Climb to Steer Ridge Rd ( reroute)3.06 mi1,293 ft8.0%
JD-Final Climb0.60 mi220 ft6.9%
Spike/Timm DH from bypass2.46 mi-1,289 ft-9.9%
Timmy!1.22 mi-505 ft-7.8%
Coit Road (initial climb from GHS road)0.59 mi269 ft8.6%
Coit Lake Climb2.32 mi1,227 ft10.0%
Coit Rd (GHS Rd to Mahoney Meadows)1.70 mi994 ft11.1%
Coit to Bench1.01 mi581 ft10.8%
Grape Duster2.03 mi-1,247 ft-11.6%
Cattle Duster Trail DH from Coit to Domino Pond Trail0.26 mi-230 ft-15.9%
Domino Top to Grapevine Super D2.00 mi-1,040 ft-9.8%
DH Cattle Duster (Domino Pond to Grapevine)0.79 mi-377 ft-9.0%
Cattle Duster and Grapevine - Super DH1.85 mi-958 ft-9.7%
Grapevine 20181.14 mi-633 ft-10.5%
GV DH1.27 mi-656 ft-9.3%
DH Grapevine to Creek Crossing0.76 mi-453 ft-11.2%
Grapevine Rock Graden0.36 mi-233 ft-12.1%
DH Grapevine Bottom Section0.26 mi-194 ft-14.0%
Anza (Grapevine to Jackson)1.07 mi344 ft6.0%
Jackson1.33 mi755 ft10.7%
Elderberry0.55 mi-52 ft-1.2%
Domino Pond (Elderberry to Wagon)0.77 mi282 ft6.7%
DH Kelly Lake (from Wagon)0.87 mi-541 ft-11.3%
Kelly Lake Trail DH (from Wasno)0.81 mi-489 ft-11.4%
Kelly Lk Steep Shit Proper end point0.49 mi-479 ft-18.5%
Coit Road (Kelly Lake to Sierra View)1.66 mi627 ft6.9%
Coit Climb From Kelly1.42 mi636 ft8.5%
Cross Canyon DH (Coit to Creek)1.51 mi-696 ft-8.4%
Cross Canyon - whole thing4.27 mi932 ft0.9%
Creek Crisscross 1.05 mi92 ft0.9%
Cross Canyon (wall to Willow Ridge)1.92 mi837 ft8.2%
The Wall0.07 mi79 ft20.0%
Cross Canyon - top of the wall to Willow1.04 mi518 ft9.3%
Willow Ridge Road (Cross Canyon to Airstrip)1.49 mi197 ft1.3%
Willow Ridge to Hoover junction1.41 mi187 ft1.9%
White Tank to Rose Dam0.76 mi-118 ft-1.3%
White Tank Rose Dam full DH1.55 mi-692 ft-8.0%
Rose Dam downhill0.98 mi-548 ft-10.5%
Coit Pacheco Camp to Wagon0.71 mi331 ft8.8%
Live Oak Spring trail (southbound)1.52 mi371 ft3.3%
Coit Dam Trail1.30 mi-325 ft-1.6%
Coit Dam Trail DH0.84 mi-295 ft-6.1%
Coit Lake to Willow Ridge0.27 mi184 ft12.6%
DH Kelly Lake (from Crest)0.86 mi-653 ft-14.3%
DH Kelly Lake Trail0.70 mi-643 ft-17.2%