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Must Do Rides Manc - Day 1

Cycling Route

148.26 km
2,921 m
City, then trails out the city, bit a road ish to forest of bowland then a mix of road and off road to dales past RH Viaduct and over fleet moss and buttertubs
Created By
chris marshall
October 8, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Scholes to Whittaker0.64 km3 m0.5%
Short Tasty Rise0.36 km8 m2.2%
Ashworth Road Full Climb (FS MTB)5.14 km200 m3.6%
Ashworth Road 5.10 km181 m3.4%
Ashworth Hill Three0.88 km74 m8.3%
Edenfield lights to Rawtenstall 3.02 km-39 m-1.0%
Reverse Bury Rd short climb0.52 km-16 m-3.0%
Crawshawbooth Climb (silly start before traffic lights)7.53 km136 m1.8%
The Lead In1.45 km37 m2.4%
crawshaw bump up en down reverse0.44 km13 m1.8%
old glory to new waggoners2.97 km43 m1.4%
rileys rise0.49 km12 m1.9%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No74 Nick of Pendle1.32 km146 m11.0%
Sabden to A59 via Nick o' Pendle4.36 km-189 m-0.9%
NOP Half Way0.53 km54 m10.2%
Pendle Hill to A593.21 km-188 m-5.6%
Wellsprings to TGJ3.93 km-191 m-4.9%
pendle hill after the cattle grid1.69 km-90 m-5.2%
Waddy's Sweetspot6.10 km304 m5.0%
waddy hell3.05 km179 m5.9%
Ooossshhh #334 Real Waddington Fell Climb4.35 km271 m6.2%
Follow Easington Brook3.42 km78 m1.1%
B6478 rise2.25 km72 m3.1%
Bowland Knotts2.30 km152 m6.6%
Keasden DH 5.56 km-259 m-4.7%
Jack Beck bridge to Copse0.43 km10 m2.1%
Wharfe climb from Austwick1.00 km51 m5.1%
helwith dip1.01 km25 m2.2%
pub to pub3.18 km18 m0.4%
Through Horton6.77 km77 m1.0%
KaBoom8.34 km77 m0.7%
Fleet Moss decent YPCCR1.94 km-160 m-8.2%
Nutters1.46 km-146 m-10.0%
Hawes to Thwaite via Buttertubs10.32 km297 m0.7%
Buttertubs Pass South Side4.42 km287 m6.5%
step up0.71 km43 m6.0%
Butter Tubs pain2.86 km192 m6.6%
Buttertubs Cattlegrid2.08 km141 m6.8%
Buttertubs from Hawes4.59 km259 m5.5%
Buttertubs Pass South Climb3.82 km250 m6.5%
Mech Snapper1.16 km51 m4.4%
Buttertubs (middle 1km)1.00 km106 m10.6%
Buttertubs Final Kick2.01 km-61 m-0.5%
Cliff Gate1.18 km-52 m-3.2%
Cliff Gate Road3.78 km-206 m-5.5%
Buttertubs Bend 10.16 km-17 m-10.7%
Don,t Lose It.0.16 km-19 m-11.7%
Fat free0.99 km25 m1.8%
Buttertubs Descent to Thwaite1.94 km-181 m-9.3%
Let it go.1.16 km-99 m-8.5%