Tunnel of Trees

Cycling Route

41.51 mi
1,707 ft
Created By
Top of Michigan Trails Council
October 11, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bluff Blitz0.26 mi72 ft5.3%
First Tunnel Kicker - Past W 3rd St -> Past E Bluff Dr0.18 mi62 ft6.2%
Harbor Springs to Cross Village20.75 mi318 ft0.0%
Power Preserve3.32 mi69 ft0.3%
M-119: Harbor Springs (Peffer St.) to Good Hart (Robinson Rd.)12.66 mi269 ft0.1%
Lower Approach0.28 mi26 ft1.8%
Up and over Northbound3.24 mi203 ft1.2%
Tunnel of Trees to Cross Village16.69 mi-318 ft-0.1%
Drop those TT bikes3.57 mi-220 ft-0.3%
Northbound climb up Lake Shore Dr.0.77 mi148 ft3.6%
Lake Shore Drive1.03 mi154 ft2.3%
S lake shore dr down hill!0.76 mi-217 ft-5.4%
Tempo Interval4.43 mi-85 ft-0.3%
Horseshoe to The Dip8.20 mi-98 ft-0.1%
Last mile sprint to Good Hart0.91 mi-26 ft-0.5%
My Attack2.16 mi108 ft0.2%
Lake Shore Dr. Climb0.37 mi33 ft1.5%
Sign to Sign Southbound19.34 mi322 ft0.0%
Sunday Brunch3.52 mi82 ft0.3%
Four Strong Winds2.01 mi-62 ft-0.3%
COF TT5.17 mi-72 ft-0.1%
M-119: Good Hart (Robinson Rd.) to Harbor Springs (Peffer St.)12.58 mi-272 ft-0.1%
Speed Trap South3.94 mi-72 ft-0.3%
Making the Grade1.89 mi230 ft2.0%
South Lake Shore Climb0.88 mi236 ft5.1%
Terpening Rd Climb0.83 mi289 ft6.5%
Wassons Grade0.79 mi223 ft5.2%
Up and Over Southbound4.07 mi223 ft0.1%
Wasson Grade - just the steep part0.43 mi154 ft6.7%
Southbound descent on Lake Shore Dr.0.70 mi-141 ft-3.8%
Pond Hill approach0.54 mi75 ft1.4%
Eastbound and UP from Fivemile Creek1.03 mi128 ft2.3%
Armstrong Alley0.76 mi-69 ft-1.7%
Birchwood to State3.34 mi-66 ft-0.3%