3 Bears - from/to Orinda (BART)

Cycling Route

37.06 km
531 m
Created By
Remy Chiapolini

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Orinda Bart to Miner Rd1.43 km-17 m-1.1%
Minor Rd to Bear Creek Rd1.89 km16 m0.6%
Pumphouse from Camino Pablo5.14 km186 m3.0%
Bear Creek - End to End (Eastbound)13.58 km-190 m-0.1%
Reservoir Loop (Reverse Three Bears)30.38 km-241 m-0.0%
Bear Creek Road (northbound)13.38 km-188 m-0.1%
pumphouse pain cave 1.56 km101 m6.2%
Pumphouse (lower 1/3)0.76 km46 m5.4%
3 Bears - Pumphouse Hill2.46 km165 m6.7%
Papa Bear Climb From West 2 bumps3.86 km173 m4.5%
Lower Papa Bear1.33 km537 m0.0%
Blip after Papa Bear0.68 km31 m4.5%
Bear Creek Rd Kick0.31 km22 m7.1%
Papa Bear Descent CC1.44 km-90 m-6.2%
Papa bear descent1.30 km-63 m-3.5%
Mama Bear from South3.47 km60 m1.0%
Bear Creek Rd Climb1.22 km47 m3.9%
North bound ascent from Happy Valley1.28 km56 m4.4%
Mama Bear Downhill CC2.35 km-108 m-4.5%
Mama Bear Descent to Alhambra Valley Rd4.35 km-139 m-3.2%
Bump before Mama Descent0.35 km4 m0.4%
Down Momma >>1.17 km-69 m-5.9%
Mama Bear to CRR7.85 km-164 m-2.1%
Sprint to AVR2.51 km-43 m-1.7%
Alhambra Valley - Bear Creek to Castro Ranch4.34 km-62 m-1.4%
Alhambra + Castro Ranch (Bear Creek to SPDR)7.99 km-66 m-0.8%
AVR+CRR+SPDR 16.66 km87 m0.1%
Alhambra WB from Bear Creek + Castro Ranch Climb5.27 km-48 m-0.0%
Carriage Hills East0.87 km46 m5.2%
Castro Ranch Rd3.44 km-58 m-0.4%
Country View Dr Climb0.78 km45 m5.7%
SPDR - Castro Ranch to Wildcat8.46 km88 m0.9%
San Pablo Climb2.17 km85 m3.9%
San Pablo Climb (to actual crest)2.26 km86 m3.8%
Light to Light on SPDR8.33 km85 m0.8%
San Pablo Dam Rd Climb to Wildcat8.30 km85 m0.8%
San Pablo Dam Trail Climb1.73 km92 m5.1%
SPDR climb to park1.55 km81 m5.2%
SPDR TT Southbound ~ 4 miles6.37 km-22 m-0.1%
SPDR TT SB (Part 1 of 2)2.72 km-13 m-0.3%
SPDR TT SB (Part 2 of 2)2.92 km-15 m-0.1%
Penultimate Rump Sprint1.89 km-8 m-0.2%
4 Pole Sprint0.42 km3 m0.7%
SPDR Nutshot Straightaway0.80 km4 m0.2%
SPDR TT SB Final Stretch (Old SPDR to WC)0.66 km11 m1.2%
Camino Pablo (Bear Creek to Orinda BART)3.38 km26 m0.4%
When children are present1.21 km-13 m-1.0%
Wildcat to side road0.96 km-15 m-1.5%
Side Street Scoot >>>0.43 km9 m1.9%
Camino Pablo1.17 km18 m1.5%