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Past Month

126K Fondo Leg Burner

Cycling Route

125.85 km
1,899 m
Created By
trevor Soll

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
93 South - Jasper Lights to Parks Booth6.35 km43 m0.3%
Hwy 16 to Tramway Road1.83 km14 m0.1%
Wapiti to Water0.71 km25 m2.2%
93 to Portal Creek8.92 km430 m4.7%
Alberta 93 Alt Climb1.82 km101 m5.5%
Marmot basin from 93a to road closure9.92 km501 m5.0%
Marmot Rd Climb1.53 km116 m7.6%
Marmot Rd Climb2.13 km135 m6.3%
Marmot Rd Climb2.10 km126 m6.0%
Marmot Basin Downhill9.95 km-500 m-5.0%
Alberta 93 Alternate Climb0.43 km82 m19.0%
Edith Caval Full Road Climb11.83 km476 m4.0%
Cavell Rd Climb3.56 km198 m5.5%
Mt Edith Cavill13.20 km495 m3.6%
Cavell Rd Climb7.17 km301 m4.2%
Cavell Rd Climb1.63 km83 m5.0%
Cavel Descent13.92 km-500 m-3.5%
Pure Edith gets me down12.94 km-509 m-3.9%
Cavell to Athabasca Falls (South)16.84 km-158 m-0.2%
Alberta 93 Alt Climb1.73 km89 m5.1%
93A-Grizzly over your shoulder1.56 km83 m5.3%
93 North - Athabasca Falls Turn off to Park Booth23.98 km-204 m-0.5%
Tour-de-Thurber Stage 1518.97 km-97 m-0.4%
Icefields Parkway Up and Over0.82 km23 m2.8%
Jasper 15k TT: BACK7.18 km-45 m-0.6%
93 North - Parks Booth to Jasper Lights6.06 km-99 m-1.6%
Becker's Hill Sprint0.37 km9 m0.6%
Hwy 93 Whistlers Creek to Miette River3.90 km-44 m-1.1%