2023 Wompy WinterFest - Intermediate - FINAL

Cycling Route

11.27 mi
568 ft
Created By
Brian C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
NW6 to NW30.32 mi20 ft0.5%
Sprint to the Bridge Marathon0.82 mi-20 ft-0.1%
W1 To S101.40 mi75 ft0.9%
W3 to S101.22 mi59 ft0.7%
W3 to S2 Bottom of Pine Run0.52 mi-20 ft-0.0%
You what I'm talkin' about 0.22 mi-82 ft-6.9%
S11 to S29 Southfield1.19 mi-46 ft-0.0%
S11 To S320.41 mi36 ft0.4%
SSB Prospect Hill on the road0.51 mi-13 ft-0.2%
S32 To S290.73 mi-20 ft-0.3%
S28 to S270.20 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Southfield to Jacksonville Florida0.72 mi33 ft0.1%
East Coast south to north0.33 mi10 ft0.1%
S23 Down0.36 mi-23 ft-1.1%
Run Away from Holly0.23 mi46 ft3.5%
NW9 to South Pleasant Street0.31 mi-56 ft-3.4%
NW12 Climb to Lost Loo0.23 mi49 ft4.0%
Landmine A0.30 mi-30 ft-1.3%
N4 to N9 Finisher0.20 mi10 ft0.9%