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Palisades High to Garapito

Running Route

11.73 mi
1,921 ft
This run is about 12 miles long. Lollipop loop is run clockwise. We start at the Topanga State Park access parking lot at the top of Palisades Highlands and head toward Eagle Peak. Just before reaching it, we take the narrow but very pretty Garapito Trail before returning to the start. There are good views of the San Fernando Valley en route.
Created By
Ann O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cll Bellevista Climb0.52 mi236 ft8.5%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb0.30 mi167 ft10.4%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb0.92 mi180 ft3.7%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb0.93 mi177 ft3.6%
Garapito Trail (Xterra Trail Run segment)2.94 mi-696 ft-1.5%
Garapito (The fun downhill part) WTT1.57 mi-696 ft-7.9%
2nd climb to Hub2.64 mi781 ft5.5%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb1.69 mi525 ft5.8%
Temescal Canyon Rd Climb0.43 mi131 ft5.8%
Temescal Climb from Garapito to Hub1.24 mi367 ft5.6%
Rogers Fire Rd Climb0.53 mi135 ft4.8%
E Topanga Fire Rd Climb0.31 mi177 ft10.7%
Hub to the top of the antenna.2.21 mi-210 ft-0.8%
Shortcut to the Antenna (WTT)0.19 mi108 ft10.0%