MiTi 2020 - Olympic

Cycling Route

24.97 mi
1,150 ft
Created By
John M
December 17, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Beltline to Cannonsburg5.75 mi190 ft0.5%
Climb out of Cannonsburg1.76 mi118 ft1.2%
5 Mile Rollers2.97 mi-49 ft-0.2%
Giles to Tiffany0.98 mi-30 ft-0.4%
Equest to Gavin2.01 mi-49 ft-0.2%
Equest to Gavin2.01 mi-49 ft-0.2%
Murray Lake Avenue Northeast Climb0.49 mi285 ft11.0%
Murray Lk to Parnell1.00 mi-43 ft-0.3%
Parnell to McCabe1.48 mi43 ft0.5%
RedBarn to Giles0.76 mi16 ft0.1%
5 mile into Cannonsburg1.75 mi-98 ft-1.0%
Cannonsburg TT5.71 mi-194 ft-0.4%
Egypt Valley to Blakely1.63 mi-72 ft-0.4%