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6 Peaks (68km)

Cycling Route

68.72 km
1,561 m
Created By
Katie B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Black Mountain2.70 km231 m8.6%
Short Black0.26 km26 m9.7%
Black Mtn tough start0.76 km93 m12.2%
death rep0.38 km45 m11.7%
Max Aerobic Power Test1.29 km127 m9.8%
Black Mtn - Southern Lookout to Top1.68 km69 m1.8%
Black Mountain -- Final steep section0.29 km30 m10.0%
Blacky KOM to Top0.28 km15 m5.5%
Black Mountain - Top to Right hand Car Park0.85 km-49 m-5.4%
Black Mountain - Right-hand Carpark to Bottom1.90 km-181 m-9.5%
Crispin's Corner0.51 km-48 m-9.5%
North Lake BG to Belco exit1.78 km-17 m-0.3%
Lake side TT0.85 km-7 m-0.7%
When ya gotta go...1.32 km17 m0.1%
The Dirty Desert 0.96 km21 m0.9%
pre-zoo pinch warm up0.32 km19 m5.3%
Clockwise tree climb1.70 km86 m5.0%
Up to the Arboretum0.86 km50 m5.8%
Arboretum Visitors to Dairy Farmers0.80 km37 m4.1%
The Descent1.50 km-99 m-6.5%
Dairy Farmers Hill descent1.01 km-63 m-6.2%
Zoo pinch0.37 km9 m2.5%
Zoo Bomb0.70 km-15 m-2.1%
Heavy Hill Bomb into Heavy Scrivvy Sprint0.81 km-26 m-2.8%
Pre-Zoo / Lady Denman Drive Downhill Bomb0.18 km-5 m-1.8%
Scrivener Dam Bridge sprint0.27 km-16 m-2.2%
Lady Denman underpass to underpass1.05 km-8 m-0.2%
To The Farm0.43 km15 m3.4%
Curtin-Wright Hills3.54 km26 m0.6%
Slap-a-da bass man0.39 km-10 m-2.6%
Murderous Maggie0.29 km10 m3.1%
Cotter Rd Punch0.74 km27 m3.7%
Stromlo entrance to speed hump [Ngunnawal Country]3.59 km144 m4.0%
The Real Half Stromlo2.06 km99 m4.8%
Mt Stromlo (long) - Middle 3rd1.28 km50 m3.8%
Lay by to KOM1.53 km59 m3.8%
Mt Stromlo (long) - Last 3rd1.32 km64 m4.4%
pinch push0.59 km24 m4.1%
Stromlo last little push0.31 km14 m1.1%
Mt Stromlo Downhill3.52 km-154 m-4.4%
Cotter Road - Weston return2.29 km-51 m-1.9%
Murderous Maggie.0.29 km-11 m-3.9%
Red Hill Lap3.30 km103 m0.8%
Red Hill1.08 km80 m7.4%
Red Hill to Golf course road turn off0.65 km56 m8.5%
Red Hill Final Fling0.38 km22 m5.7%
Red Hill descent1.07 km-81 m-7.3%
Mt Ainslie2.87 km229 m8.0%
Mt Ainslie Dr Climb0.54 km80 m14.6%
Mt Ainslie Descent2.56 km-212 m-8.2%