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Mosman Alps

Cycling Route

46.31 km
1,352 m
Created By
Ian A

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SBC park sprint0.29 km1 m0.5%
CP - Grand Drive0.93 km17 m0.7%
Bigboy's CP flat sprint0.27 km6 m2.1%
Bigboy's CP flat sprint0.20 km0 m0.0%
Sprint - 2nd 30km/h sign0.44 km8 m1.5%
Final Sprint0.42 km6 m0.9%
Driver Ave TT0.65 km3 m0.4%
BC sprint0.38 km7 m0.5%
Taylor Sq-Hyde Park Downhill0.59 km-13 m-2.1%
Foster St DH0.34 km-12 m-3.2%
The Bridge (North)1.73 km45 m0.1%
Sydney Harbour Bridge Sth Ramp to Nth Ramp1.47 km-41 m-0.1%
Harbour Bridge Uphill0.82 km-38 m-4.6%
Pylon to Pylon - North0.53 km-5 m-0.2%
Clark rd boogy0.48 km-13 m-0.6%
Lindsay Street KOM0.30 km23 m7.6%
Rangers Avenue Sprint0.72 km-25 m-3.1%
Queen Street0.34 km-9 m-0.7%
Bradleys Head Road to Bradleys Head1.68 km-64 m-3.7%
Bradleys Head out1.02 km-31 m-2.2%
Bradleys Head Climb0.97 km38 m2.1%
Bradleys head to clifton turnoff2.18 km85 m3.9%
Taronga Bend to Roundabout 0.87 km46 m5.3%
Taronga Sprint0.45 km12 m1.7%
Clifton Kamikaze1.44 km-82 m-5.7%
Clifton Gardens -short1.01 km78 m7.7%
Morella Only0.41 km30 m6.9%
Taronga roundabout to top0.33 km11 m3.2%
Middle Head Chowder, downhill1.81 km-65 m-3.6%
Chowder descent1.89 km-57 m-2.6%
Nudie Run0.78 km12 m0.8%
Chowder Pinch Hill0.18 km-28 m-14.6%
Awaba round-about0.41 km59 m14.3%
Awaba - the last punch0.16 km30 m18.5%
Parriwi rd DH1.31 km-68 m-5.1%
Primrose Pinch0.36 km38 m10.5%
Boom!0.36 km12 m3.2%
Uphill sprint to tunnell0.28 km11 m4.0%
Milsons Point to Kent Street2.14 km60 m0.2%
Sydney Harbour Bridge - North Ramp to South Ramp1.45 km14 m0.0%
Sydney Harbour Bridge North0.57 km16 m2.8%
Pylon to Pylon - South0.56 km9 m0.9%
York St (Bus Lane) Jamison to Market0.55 km-8 m-1.0%
Oxford to Crown Super Sprint0.31 km4 m1.2%
Oxford st TT Short0.53 km15 m2.8%
Crown to Flinders, last legs0.21 km7 m3.3%
MPR Sprint0.55 km-10 m-1.2%
Driver Avenue0.94 km-7 m-0.7%
Cheeky sprint0.38 km-2 m-0.3%
ATQ Dickens to Duckpond0.32 km0 m0.0%