Past Two Weeks

Take the stairs 50k v9.5 Take II

Running Route

31.4 mi
7,042 ft
50k around Pittsburgh, emphasizing using city stairs. Starts from Threadbare
Created By
Edward May

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rising Main and Upper Rising Main Steps (391 Steps)0.23 mi318 ft25.5%
Fineview Steps James-Henderson Triple (Up)0.10 mi115 ft21.6%
West End Bridge into South Side0.30 mi30 ft0.8%
Shut-Up Shaler St0.41 mi272 ft12.5%
Shaler Ahoy0.27 mi184 ft12.8%
Vinecliffe "Street" Descent0.13 mi-164 ft-22.5%
Arlington Avenue Climb0.40 mi272 ft12.8%
Emerald View Climb - Upper0.09 mi66 ft13.1%
German Square Steps0.08 mi144 ft33.6%
Rigby0.06 mi23 ft1.6%
Sterling Street City Stairs Dash0.09 mi89 ft17.2%
Hot Metal Bridge - from South Side to Jail Trail0.28 mi39 ft1.2%
Parkman Ave climb0.13 mi72 ft10.1%
31st St Bridge Grind0.33 mi69 ft3.8%
Rialto St.0.11 mi121 ft20.0%
Wicked Wicklines - Down0.11 mi-79 ft-12.5%
Troy Hill Road Descent0.41 mi-144 ft-6.6%