Bob National Medium

Cycling Route

36.84 mi
2,853 ft
Created By
Riz R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
make the 30 flash1.17 mi-121 ft-1.9%
Hulland blast1.73 mi-164 ft-1.7%
Holme Strait0.48 mi-75 ft-2.9%
The Hulland Sprint 0.66 mi-79 ft-2.3%
Get 30MPH 2 Flash0.61 mi-82 ft-2.5%
Cross o' Hands to Lights1.56 mi-367 ft-4.3%
Tiger 2 Keys Sprint0.57 mi-210 ft-6.9%
Turnditch to Cowers Lane0.83 mi-259 ft-5.6%
Turditch Descent 0.65 mi-246 ft-7.2%
Cowers Lane to Alport Height3.51 mi686 ft3.7%
Full Shottle hall Climb0.56 mi98 ft3.2%
Shottle Hall only the climb!0.38 mi105 ft5.2%
Hall to village top1.57 mi348 ft4.2%
Climb through Shottle from White Ln to the Dizzy Heights of Alport2.70 mi528 ft3.7%
Chequer Ln Climb1.21 mi292 ft4.6%
the old school climb0.67 mi144 ft4.0%
Shottle to Alport height1.43 mi295 ft3.9%
Alport Heights Hill Sprint0.24 mi105 ft7.9%
Sandhall superior0.82 mi-167 ft-3.8%
Sandhell Sprint0.60 mi-92 ft-2.8%
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?1.37 mi108 ft1.5%
Wirksworth Road Final0.22 mi59 ft4.8%
Oakerthorpe road1.05 mi-135 ft-1.7%
Bolehill drop0.48 mi-98 ft-3.9%
Bolehill to Middleton climb1.26 mi266 ft4.0%
Porter lane to crossroads0.59 mi115 ft3.7%
Stone Cold0.23 mi72 ft5.8%
the sun to the nelson0.47 mi115 ft3.7%
middleton hill0.35 mi108 ft5.7%
Sketchyyyyy0.79 mi-374 ft-9.0%
B5023 to Grangemill1.66 mi138 ft1.5%
Via Gellia Ryder Point Junction to Newhaven6.89 mi456 ft1.2%
Middleton to Moor Lane3.40 mi315 ft1.7%
Grangemill to Newhaven5.35 mi331 ft1.1%
Turbo to the Turn2.39 mi151 ft1.2%
Bungalow to Newhaven2.71 mi190 ft1.0%
I am a zoomer0.76 mi138 ft3.4%
A515 - Parwich - A5157.55 mi-702 ft-1.6%
A515 to B50564.19 mi-607 ft-2.6%
Zooming down to Parwich2.59 mi-548 ft-4.0%
Momentum0.32 mi56 ft2.4%
Last Bend to B50560.45 mi33 ft0.8%
Parwich to Fenny Bentley2.99 mi85 ft0.0%
Tissington to Fenny Bentley B50562.30 mi-82 ft-0.5%
Bradbourne Short & Sharp0.39 mi49 ft0.5%
Guddlefield & Sandy Brooks to Ashborne1.59 mi115 ft0.4%
Sandy Brook to Windmill Lane0.55 mi102 ft3.4%
belper road bump to bradley cross1.73 mi190 ft2.0%
Yeldersley to Gorse Lane1.13 mi36 ft0.0%
Barrowmoor West to East0.29 mi-26 ft-1.0%