Jayco Herald Sun Tour - Stage 4 Climb - Mansfield to Mt Buller

Cycling Route·Road

47.4 km
1,460 m
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January 24, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation



NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mt Buller15.30 km942 m6.2%
Mansfield to Buller45.77 km1,265 m2.8%
7 Peaks - Mt Buller (Official)15.23 km921 m6.0%
Mt Buller: Last 4kms3.40 km239 m7.0%
Last Ditch Effort to Mt Buller Town1.27 km110 m8.6%
Mansfield to Merrijig17.12 km160 m0.6%
Mt Buller: 1st 4kms3.96 km259 m6.5%
Mt Buller: 2nd 4kms3.97 km207 m5.2%
White Bridge Climbing Cup9.38 km486 m4.9%
Mt Buller Tourists Rd Climb2.14 km128 m6.0%
Mt Buller Tourists Rd Climb0.63 km96 m15.2%
Mt Buller Tourist Rd 50 km Bike Buller2.61 km126 m4.8%
Speed Bump0.77 km32 m4.1%
Mt Buller: 3rd 4kms4.02 km227 m5.6%
Mt Buller - 1st KM1.03 km64 m6.2%
Merrijig to Sawmill10.23 km159 m1.5%
Merijig to Mirimbah7.91 km144 m1.8%
Mt Buller Tourists Rd Climb2.06 km115 m5.6%
Mt Buller - 3rd 4kms4.17 km228 m5.5%
Pullins Ski Hire to Mirimbah Shop29.84 km324 m1.1%
Mirimbah to Plow Shed7.81 km508 m5.9%
Mt Buller Tourists Rd Climb1.90 km123 m6.5%
Mt Buller Tourists Rd Climb2.38 km113 m4.7%
Magpie Alley- AVOID October5.16 km70 m1.1%
Mount Buller Tourists Road Climb0.63 km82 m12.9%