Past Week
Past Week

G!RO - Brighton Beer Run

Cycling Route

88.94 km
1,087 m
Created By
Jordan Addison | G!RO

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Esher to Sandy Lane2.96 km21 m0.2%
Chevaliers run out of Esher0.65 km-16 m-1.6%
Milbourne Lane to Field of Hope1.41 km9 m0.4%
Chevaliers Diggers & Doggers warm up (Copsem Ln)0.39 km12 m2.9%
Col du Dunc0.39 km10 m2.6%
Miles Lane to A2451.38 km-19 m-1.3%
Out the Door and Up4.19 km39 m0.5%
Millhedge To Shamrock Close4.42 km50 m0.2%
Stoke Road sprint0.15 km3 m1.7%
Full Cobham Rd Climb2.40 km50 m2.0%
FLY my pretty0.54 km5 m0.2%
Settings.1.76 km43 m1.8%
Cobham Rd incline0.96 km41 m4.3%
GOATYMCBOATY0.85 km29 m3.3%
Tuck in to Fetcham1.35 km-33 m-2.4%
Catapult up the street0.70 km13 m1.5%
The Ridgeway0.77 km33 m4.2%
Young St Full Eastbound1.55 km-58 m-3.4%
Box to Denbies - A24 Section0.91 km4 m0.5%
Pixham Lane (Home)0.63 km-6 m-0.4%
Pixham Lane Southbound Sector 20.31 km11 m3.4%
Root hill climb 0.20 km14 m6.6%
Stage 6, 'Shellwood'0.71 km8 m0.5%
Shellwood, The Bend0.39 km-11 m-2.7%
Broad Ln-Hogspudding Ln Roll1.10 km-13 m-1.0%
Parkgate Incline0.59 km12 m2.0%
Bob Shoppenburg0.29 km9 m2.9%
SL Downhill To Finish1.07 km-11 m-1.0%
Newdigate to Rusper4.67 km55 m1.0%
SL Newdigate Finish0.47 km-3 m-0.5%
Newdigate Green1.09 km11 m1.0%
Rusper Climb Full2.66 km53 m2.0%
Partridge up0.28 km13 m4.5%
Grin & Bear It3.32 km-32 m-0.7%
Tower Road1.61 km64 m4.0%
Tower Road Final Push0.48 km8 m1.3%
South Ave to Highfield0.42 km6 m0.4%
Underhill to Ditchling turn off0.81 km13 m1.3%
Ditchling Beacon1.46 km139 m9.4%
DB p10.48 km70 m14.6%
Ditchling plus TT to the junction5.23 km140 m1.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No22 Ditchling Beacon1.51 km143 m9.4%
2nd CORNER TO FINISH0.74 km76 m10.2%
The Richard Smith memorial sprint.0.13 km-4 m-2.4%
Ditchling Road Sprint3.33 km-65 m-1.9%
Roadies need not apply. Crossing to carpark.1.89 km-45 m-2.1%
Ditchling Road Gravel Grind1.87 km32 m0.6%
Mais' Mound0.86 km28 m3.2%
Ditchling Road (down)0.93 km-47 m-5.0%
On parade0.20 km-0 m-0.0%