KOTH 10k

Running Route

6.47 mi
819 ft
Created By
Sinead B
February 11, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Binn Lane Car park to cattle grid0.79 mi82 ft1.7%
Wessenden, Marsden to Farm1.70 mi230 ft2.5%
Wessenden Rd - Binn Lane to Wessenden Lodge Gate1.43 mi213 ft2.8%
Wessenden, Marsden to Farm1.70 mi230 ft2.5%
start of reservior second reservoir0.82 mi148 ft3.4%
Wessenden King of the Hill race route3.19 mi712 ft4.2%
rep one flat0.08 mi10 ft1.9%
Binn Ln Climb0.55 mi167 ft5.7%
Marsden Racers KOTH // FIRST INCLINE0.68 mi171 ft4.5%
Trail Hill Rep0.10 mi26 ft4.0%
Up and Up0.08 mi26 ft6.2%
Farm to First Valley0.22 mi36 ft2.8%
valley to valley0.43 mi102 ft4.4%
Marsden Racers KOTH // TROLL BRIDGES0.52 mi115 ft3.2%
Bridge to Final Dip0.40 mi115 ft5.1%
Wessenden Head Rd Climb0.63 mi171 ft5.1%
Last push to Wessenden Head Rd0.23 mi115 ft9.1%
Marsden Racers KOTH // TRAVELATOR0.21 mi105 ft9.5%
Last Realm of Hell!0.21 mi102 ft9.0%
Going for the Finish!0.07 mi33 ft8.1%
Wessenden to Farm1.63 mi482 ft-5.6%
King of the hill reverse3.22 mi719 ft-4.2%
Flying back down0.34 mi171 ft-9.4%
Down Diddly Down0.87 mi190 ft-4.1%
Con# Butterley Res Dash1.53 mi220 ft-2.7%
Marsden Racers KOTH // LAST DASH HOME1.40 mi177 ft-2.3%
Farm lane dash1.34 mi180 ft-2.3%
Down and Down0.10 mi33 ft-5.9%
Dillied and Dallied0.55 mi13 ft-0.5%
reservoir dogs0.38 mi20 ft-0.7%
Rep Two Flat0.08 mi10 ft-1.9%