Derby Bob National Long

Cycling Route

50.34 mi
4,511 ft
Created By
Riz R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
wave to Dave0.23 mi-36 ft-3.0%
Gibfield decent0.31 mi-98 ft-5.9%
Carsington Dam Wall2.21 mi220 ft1.1%
sprint into carsigton dam 0.27 mi43 ft3.0%
Carsington Flyby0.70 mi98 ft2.3%
Sprint into Brassington1.24 mi-79 ft-0.8%
Brassington Climb1.70 mi246 ft2.1%
Brassington Climb (just the climb)0.73 mi322 ft8.2%
Premature Attackulation0.30 mi125 ft7.8%
Mike - down4.93 mi-600 ft-1.5%
Got Owt Left?0.36 mi105 ft5.4%
Winster Miners Descent1.58 mi-377 ft-4.5%
Decent Descent3.31 mi-545 ft-3.1%
Winster to Haddon Hall3.54 mi-381 ft-2.0%
IvyBarBrookNorth-MiresToStantonInPeakTurn1.01 mi-151 ft-2.8%
Alport Dash0.79 mi-36 ft-0.7%
A6 from B5056 to Chatsworth Road junction1.28 mi-59 ft-0.4%
ROWSLEY SIGN0.23 mi-10 ft-0.8%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No34 Rowsley Bar0.66 mi443 ft12.5%
Rowsley ++2.94 mi751 ft4.6%
Rowsley Wood1.18 mi699 ft11.2%
Rowsley bar stage 10.45 mi282 ft11.8%
Beeley Lane up0.51 mi23 ft0.7%
Beeley Descent1.52 mi-561 ft-7.0%
Chatsworth north0.61 mi171 ft5.2%
The Duke's Grid to Grid North1.12 mi98 ft0.1%
Chatsworth: Grid to Peak North0.42 mi98 ft4.3%
Chatsworth,Last bend to Cattle grid0.16 mi-10 ft-0.8%
Edensor climb0.40 mi115 ft5.3%
Up through Pilsley0.62 mi128 ft3.8%
Pilsley1.38 mi131 ft0.7%
pills sprint0.56 mi-92 ft-1.3%
Blast to the bridge0.60 mi-72 ft-2.2%
Out of Bakewell0.39 mi180 ft8.5%
Bakewell to Yeld Road0.19 mi102 ft10.1%
B5055 from Bakewell2.35 mi715 ft5.8%
B5055 Climb1.14 mi361 ft5.9%
B5055 to Monyash Sprint1.86 mi-177 ft-0.9%
Lathkill Dale Sprint0.40 mi69 ft3.2%
Monydash !0.19 mi20 ft1.7%
The Rake - to the top1.38 mi269 ft3.6%
Parsley hay to Newhaven A5152.33 mi75 ft0.6%
Newhaven to Parwich Turn1.72 mi-197 ft-1.7%
Newhaven to Winster turn2.59 mi-187 ft-1.0%
Condition hairy2.17 mi180 ft1.1%
Longcliffe to ford3.09 mi-574 ft-3.4%
B5056 to Knockerdown2.15 mi279 ft2.5%
Final push out of Bradbourne 0.24 mi30 ft2.3%
Hognaston down1.24 mi-331 ft-4.2%
Turlowfields Lane climb 0.59 mi177 ft5.5%