Black Oak-Crawl Hill Extension

Cycling Route

52.03 mi
2,750 ft
Created By
Ozark Cycling Adventures

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
E Black Oak Rd Climb1.34 mi354 ft5.0%
Black Oak Steeps0.94 mi308 ft6.1%
Black Oak Triple1.01 mi328 ft6.1%
Black Oak Descent1.66 mi-394 ft-4.5%
Whitehouse Fire Department Climb0.33 mi59 ft2.0%
To Drake9.59 mi-194 ft-0.3%
West Fork to Greenland4.67 mi-118 ft-0.4%
Fayetteville Executive Airport Sprint0.32 mi-20 ft-0.7%
EZ Pull0.32 mi49 ft2.9%
Prairie Street to Center Street0.34 mi43 ft2.3%