Lockdown Graveltational Course

Cycling Route

51.09 mi
2,685 ft
Created By
Diana R

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
TLG Sector 1: Hawkeye Hammer3.49 mi148 ft0.1%
The Lockdown Graveltational Course51.13 mi-525 ft-0.0%
Road Up to Middle Trailhead - Suffa2.16 mi102 ft0.7%
TLG Sector 2: Holyland TT12.52 mi423 ft0.2%
Old US Hwy 6 - Mack to Dirt Turn4.60 mi105 ft0.3%
Baxter Pass Turnoff to State Line (6&50)9.38 mi394 ft0.5%
Old Hwy 6 & 50 West from 8rd to Turn into RV 8.55 mi400 ft0.8%
8 Rd to Utah9.37 mi400 ft0.5%
TLG Sector 3: No Man's Land6.20 mi249 ft0.4%
TLG Sector 4: The Wild West9.79 mi-466 ft-0.3%
Kokopelli DH1.56 mi-469 ft-5.7%
The Road Back to State Line 0.91 mi121 ft2.5%
TLG Sector 5: Run Rabbit, Run8.75 mi-377 ft-0.1%
Koko - East from RV to Tunnel Option 5.08 mi381 ft0.6%
Koko - Quick Route 3.01 mi-253 ft-0.9%
TLG Sector 6: Retrace Your Steps9.91 mi-285 ft-0.1%
Old US Hwy 6 - Dirt Turn to Mack4.59 mi-112 ft-0.4%
Mack PL to PL at Climb to Saddle 1.10 mi112 ft0.6%
Road Back2.00 mi-105 ft-0.8%