Past Week

Lincoln Boulevard-Park Trail-Bay Area Ridge Trail

Running Route

3.13 mi
576 ft
Created By
Stephanie-Jo Peterson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Park Blv up Trail from Crissy0.76 mi289 ft7.1%
McDowell Ave Climb0.26 mi85 ft6.1%
McDowell-Park Presidio Hill0.68 mi272 ft7.6%
McDowell Ave climb0.21 mi89 ft7.8%
Presidio Park Trail Climb0.68 mi240 ft6.6%
Park Trail Climb0.43 mi154 ft6.8%
fox hill0.43 mi161 ft7.1%
Fox in the Hole0.35 mi125 ft6.7%
Fox Hill sprint0.29 mi112 ft7.1%
Park Trail Climb - Retaining Wall to Armatury0.22 mi85 ft6.5%
Whadayagot?0.11 mi33 ft5.6%
Immigrant Stair descent0.13 mi-135 ft-18.7%
Bluffs to Battery Trail - North0.59 mi194 ft1.7%
Battery to Bluffs Northbound0.59 mi207 ft2.3%
Bluffs to Battery Trail (stairs to stairs) - North0.42 mi194 ft3.6%
Marshall Beach Bluffs Climb0.34 mi213 ft11.6%
Batteries to Bluffs Climb0.13 mi62 ft9.0%
Bluffs to Battery Climb - North0.27 mi190 ft13.0%
Marshall Beach Stairs0.28 mi184 ft11.9%