Muir Woods 13mi Loop

Running Route

12.9 mi
2,785 ft
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Created By
Stephanie-Jo Peterson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dipsea - Windy Gap / Muir Woods0.92 mi-623 ft-12.7%
DIPSEA downhill #10.87 mi-630 ft-13.7%
Dipsea (Panoramic to Muir Woods)0.82 mi-358 ft-8.2%
Dipsea S/C - Road to Mailboxes0.42 mi-217 ft-9.6%
dmite0.40 mi308 ft14.0%
0.97 mi682 ft13.2%
Dipsea (Muir Woods Bridge to Cardiac)2.06 mi1,181 ft10.8%
Dipsea (Muir Woods to Cardiac)2.09 mi1,273 ft11.5%
Dipsea (Muir Woods to half way rock)0.97 mi682 ft13.2%
DIPSEA uphill #22.04 mi1,230 ft11.4%
Dipsea Trail (Redwood Creek to Deer Park)0.26 mi289 ft20.4%
Muir Woods Creek to Cardiac Water Fountain2.01 mi1,240 ft11.7%
Meat Grinder2.22 mi1,234 ft10.5%
Dipsea Trail Climb0.25 mi282 ft20.7%
Top of Dynamite to Top of Cardiac1.94 mi978 ft9.5%
Dipsea (Deer Park to Coast View)2.02 mi915 ft8.5%
Hogsback1.33 mi617 ft8.8%
top of dmite to top of cardiac1.78 mi915 ft9.7%
Enchanted Forest0.84 mi338 ft7.6%
Steep Ravine Trail Climb0.44 mi135 ft5.7%
Cardiac0.25 mi289 ft19.2%
Cardiac0.18 mi200 ft20.5%
Heather Cutoff to Frank Valley1.15 mi-430 ft-7.1%
Heather Cutoff (Descent)1.05 mi-440 ft-7.9%
Redwood Creek Trail (last km)0.60 mi-69 ft-2.0%
Dias Ridge (1 to Panoramic)2.98 mi768 ft4.1%
Dias Ridge (Climb)1.51 mi728 ft9.1%
Dias Ridge (Hwy 1 to Miwok)2.60 mi738 ft4.9%
Shoreline Highway Climb0.35 mi177 ft9.5%
Dias drag race0.70 mi-164 ft-2.3%
Top-o-Diaz to Miwok Traverse1.15 mi-144 ft-0.8%
Surge up0.18 mi95 ft9.8%
Miwok-Panoramic Cutoff0.47 mi105 ft1.6%
Dias Spur - Dias to Panoramic Hwy0.24 mi79 ft6.1%
Homestead-Lattie Lane Trail - Downhill from Panoramic0.36 mi-161 ft-8.4%
Homestead Trail (Lattie to 4-corners jct)0.64 mi-187 ft-5.2%
Camino del Canyon Climb0.22 mi184 ft15.7%