Past Week

Mt San Bruno 13

Running Route

12.96 mi
2,589 ft
Created By
Stephanie-Jo Peterson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy Climb0.30 mi138 ft8.7%
Radio Rd Partial0.84 mi446 ft10.0%
Summit Loop Trail - Radio Rd to Ridge Trail0.79 mi420 ft10.0%
ridge trail south0.40 mi36 ft0.6%
Ridge Trail - Summit Loop to Siskyou Ave2.35 mi-223 ft-1.0%
Radio Gate to East End2.04 mi-276 ft-2.2%
Brisbane Bound: Radio Rd to FR31.69 mi-266 ft-2.4%
Ridge Mile 11.00 mi-141 ft-1.8%
Ridge Trail eastbound roller coaster 1.49 mi-210 ft-1.6%
east from junction to fire road 30.70 mi-177 ft-4.0%
Ridge Trail East downhill0.76 mi-705 ft-17.5%
Shoreline Ct Climb0.25 mi154 ft11.5%
Ridge Trail East End Climb0.82 mi751 ft17.3%
Death March 511c0.13 mi203 ft27.6%
San Bruno Mtn. Ridge Trail - Below East Station to Loop Trail 2.37 mi495 ft3.9%
Ridge to White Flash0.68 mi302 ft7.5%
Ridge Trail: East Station to Radio Rd2.44 mi486 ft3.8%
Sammy's Ridge Topper0.32 mi-36 ft-2.0%
Big Chunk of Ridge Trail, West direction1.90 mi213 ft1.5%
Ridge Trail (at Paul Ave) to Quarry Knob0.77 mi197 ft3.7%
Quarry Rd Climb0.46 mi180 ft7.1%
Egdir Elim 10.95 mi154 ft1.4%
Radio Rd Climb0.30 mi135 ft8.4%
Summit Top0.34 mi-177 ft-9.7%
Summit Loop to Radio Road2.23 mi-689 ft-4.0%
Mt. Bruno singletrack downhill1.31 mi-505 ft-7.3%
Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy Climb0.48 mi190 ft7.4%
Ranger Station to Crocker Ave0.78 mi-43 ft-0.6%
Along the fence push to the finish0.08 mi-7 ft-1.5%