Tilden half

Running Route

13.38 mi
1,523 ft
Created By
Patrick Rabuzzi

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hill Rd Climb0.38 mi135 ft6.7%
Wildcat Gorge to Lone Oak (DH)0.93 mi-213 ft-4.2%
Wildcat Gorge Curran to Loan Oak0.73 mi-115 ft-2.8%
Meadows Canyon run1.40 mi367 ft4.9%
Meadows Final Hill to Nimitz0.11 mi69 ft11.6%
Inspiration point start climb0.64 mi49 ft1.5%
nimitz way - 4 miles out, paved4.01 mi-171 ft-0.0%
Inspiration to Wildcat Peak Junction1.78 mi79 ft0.1%
Inspiration Point first 1.5 miles1.52 mi66 ft0.0%
Inspiration Point - 1 Way3.81 mi-180 ft-0.2%
8 miler out3.97 mi-161 ft-0.0%
Paved end to end Tilden4.03 mi-164 ft-0.1%
Tilden Tough Ten-Start to Turnaround5.11 mi-249 ft-0.8%
Before the Cows2.22 mi92 ft0.1%
Nimitz 4mi - Outbound4.01 mi-161 ft-0.1%
Nimitz Way Climb0.43 mi164 ft7.0%
Nimitz Way Climb0.39 mi135 ft6.4%
Havey to the high point, Nimitz0.36 mi121 ft6.3%
Nimitz to Mezue to Wildcat descent1.19 mi-636 ft-10.0%
Wildcat Dr Climb0.31 mi135 ft7.9%
Wildcat Canyon: Havey to Jewel Lake1.85 mi135 ft1.1%
Wildcat Creek last (generous) mile1.18 mi79 ft1.2%
Wildcat Canyon Rd Climb0.37 mi138 ft7.0%