ABZ City Rides: Den of Cults, Foggieton Woods and Morrison Bridge

Cycling Route

19.68 km
276 m
Created By
Macdui Bike Adventures
May 11, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kirk Brae climb out of Cults1.01 km44 m4.3%
foggie to countess 0.37 km25 m6.4%
Blacktop Steep0.14 km12 m7.9%
Blacktop0.18 km21 m11.0%
Blacktop Ramp0.08 km12 m14.5%
The Down Ramp0.82 km42 m-4.8%
Off Road Contlaw1.74 km19 m0.2%
Blast to South Last0.93 km9 m0.7%
gravel climb0.33 km23 m7.0%
Down to the wee beach.0.92 km32 m-3.5%
Dee Path - Downstream1.41 km4 m-0.2%
Wheelie Steep0.29 km27 m9.2%