MORE route LP section 4

Cycling Route

119.56 mi
6,015 ft
Seaton Creek Campground to Alba
Created By
matt acker

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shadow of Briar Hill2.06 mi381 ft3.5%
Climbing out of MNF0.81 mi226 ft5.3%
Glengary Hill0.66 mi190 ft5.4%
NCT- US131 to Fife Lake8.73 mi157 ft0.3%
NCT: 131 to Lake Shore Drive7.20 mi135 ft0.3%
NCT: 131 to 18610.05 mi180 ft0.3%
NCT: 131 to 1st gravel rd.2.37 mi82 ft0.4%
NCT: 1st Gravel to Lake Shore Dr.4.76 mi66 ft0.1%
NCT: 2 Rd. to Lake Shore Dr.4.10 mi66 ft0.1%
Ramsey Rd. to Lake Shore Dr.2.85 mi56 ft0.3%
NCT: Ramsey Rd. to Lake Shore Dr.2.72 mi59 ft0.3%
Conundrum4.77 mi-105 ft-0.4%
Spaghetti Shooter5.27 mi92 ft0.3%
NCT Up To Sand Lakes3.68 mi105 ft0.1%
NCT lead in 1.34 mi98 ft0.4%
NCT Sunset to Twin Lake2.68 mi115 ft0.5%
Just a little hill0.42 mi89 ft4.0%