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Cycling Route

108.45 mi
6,942 ft
Alba to Mackinac Bridge
Created By
matt acker

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
NCT 32 -> 1313.38 mi187 ft0.1%
Sumptuous Sand Slog1.08 mi128 ft2.1%
Sheriff Road Climb1.05 mi262 ft4.7%
Slashing Road - Chandler HIll Road, NCT3.33 mi-194 ft-0.2%
Billy Buttcheek Climb0.66 mi361 ft10.2%
Chandler Hill Rd N Climb0.74 mi364 ft9.3%
Chandler Hill Rd Climb0.75 mi364 ft9.1%
OLD VERSION - Chandler Hill N Bound DH0.84 mi-436 ft-9.7%
up up up0.33 mi128 ft7.2%
Springvale Rd. Climb0.23 mi121 ft9.8%
Welch Rd DH0.62 mi-177 ft-5.4%
NCT Maxwell to Brubaker5.80 mi479 ft0.9%
NCT Taylor to Krause4.47 mi476 ft1.9%
Hike-a-bike1.55 mi325 ft3.9%
King Hill NCT Climb1.00 mi223 ft4.2%
Krause Switch back to Brubaker1.49 mi-180 ft-1.7%
Shred it Chad! haha0.31 mi-75 ft-4.6%
Shanley Dive Bomb0.82 mi-203 ft-4.7%
To Conway2.31 mi16 ft0.1%
Brews to Conway2.24 mi16 ft0.0%
Aaron Cummings give me a Beer0.91 mi66 ft1.3%
Kipp to Stutsmanville 6.64 mi505 ft0.2%
warm up climb from Kipp on the NCT1.01 mi292 ft5.4%
Kipp to Brutus4.71 mi515 ft1.0%
Keep Climbing Piggly!0.47 mi236 ft9.5%
Chadderdon Rd Climb0.77 mi266 ft6.4%
Playing With Pig Tails And Gut Bombs2.36 mi489 ft3.9%
Valley Rd 2 Brutus Downhill1.28 mi-154 ft-2.2%
WHOOOSH!!!1.09 mi-154 ft-2.7%
Down to Stuts0.65 mi-167 ft-4.8%
Lycra feels so good0.57 mi144 ft4.7%
NC Trail North of Middle Village0.66 mi207 ft5.9%
Two Bear Climb2.01 mi236 ft2.2%
NCT Levering to Sturgeon Bay Trail5.56 mi-115 ft-0.4%
Lakeview Lunch Leaver1.84 mi194 ft1.9%
East Ridge0.99 mi-30 ft-0.0%
Zoo-de-Mack final stretch1.15 mi-56 ft-0.8%