JPC PE 4km Cross Country

Running Route

4.0 km
42 m
Follows the Doug Krepp walking trail in Karkurla Park for 4kms. Start on the trail near the main car park. Run in an anti- clockwise direction heading north and then loop back to the south towards the start point.
Created By
Directeur Sportif
May 12, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Parkrun sprint to first turn0.59 km5 m-0.1%
Parkrun Opening Stretch 0.24 km3 m-0.9%
How's the serenity0.56 km6 m-0.9%
Climb to Gazebo1.01 km18 m1.8%
Fanging it to the dunny0.17 km15 m-8.4%
Gazebo to Boardwalk0.69 km18 m-2.6%