Selby Trail

Running Route

7.85 mi
1,362 ft
Created By
Albert Wilcox

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Oxford Street : Hearst to Cedar0.26 mi46 ft3.2%
Hearst to Eunice0.88 mi161 ft3.5%
Spruce Climb: Rose Street to Resevoir1.69 mi509 ft5.7%
Rose to Regal Uphill0.90 mi299 ft6.2%
Spruce (Rose to Los Angeles)0.40 mi138 ft6.4%
Spruce St: Rose to Bolte Park1.39 mi433 ft5.9%
Spruce Steep Section0.24 mi115 ft8.9%
Spruce Street - Eunice to Grizzly Peak1.42 mi427 ft5.7%
Spruce tree tunnel0.30 mi108 ft6.7%
Spruce from Los Angeles to Grizzly Peak1.22 mi351 ft5.4%
Spruce - Marin to Grizzly Peak0.94 mi253 ft5.1%
Marin to Spruce Ascent1.07 mi253 ft4.1%
Spruce St Climb0.42 mi171 ft7.5%
Selby Trail Southbound2.89 mi538 ft2.7%
Selby To Lake Anza1.46 mi-85 ft-0.5%
Selby Trail (start to top of Shasta)2.06 mi312 ft2.7%
Selby to Lake Anza Turn around1.16 mi138 ft0.3%
Selby Climb From Lake Anza1.42 mi489 ft5.7%
Selby Trail (Shasta Climb)0.24 mi151 ft11.6%
Selby (Shasta to Grizzly Peak)0.70 mi190 ft4.1%
Selby (Atlas to Golf Course rd)0.38 mi82 ft1.3%