Torture Ride

Cycling Route

23.31 mi
3,719 ft
Created By
Albert Wilcox

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Channing pimple0.23 mi98 ft8.0%
Prospect bump0.28 mi79 ft5.1%
Centennial Drive1.69 mi781 ft8.7%
Centennial Dr to Botanical Gardens0.71 mi266 ft7.1%
Centennial to Lawrence Hall 1.24 mi646 ft9.8%
Centenniel (steepest portion)1.07 mi525 ft9.3%
Oof0.33 mi194 ft10.8%
Fire Trail Parking to LHS0.84 mi538 ft12.0%
Centennial from Strawberry Gate to Top0.89 mi453 ft9.6%
Strawberry gate - LHS0.41 mi318 ft14.7%
Centennial Grizzly Gate to top0.58 mi240 ft7.7%
Centennial final steeps: Grizzly Gate to LHS0.13 mi98 ft14.3%
Round the Garden Eastbound0.33 mi-43 ft-1.8%
Wildcat (South Park to Inspiration Point Parking Lot)1.23 mi115 ft1.8%
WILDCAT - SOUTH PARK TO SPDR 3.59 mi-587 ft-2.5%
Quarry to Inspiration Sprint0.41 mi36 ft1.1%
descent from inspiration point2.31 mi-597 ft-4.8%
Wildcat Canyon Inspiration Point to El Toyonal1.40 mi-230 ft-3.0%
Lower Wildcat Descent, Toyonal to Camino Pablo0.93 mi-371 ft-7.5%
Pumphouse from Camino Pablo3.19 mi610 ft3.0%
pumphouse pain cave 0.97 mi331 ft6.2%
Pumphouse (lower 1/3)0.47 mi151 ft5.4%
Pumphouse Hill and Happy Valley4.49 mi650 ft2.7%
3 Bears - Pumphouse Hill1.53 mi541 ft6.7%
Pumphouse Opener (to gravel truck driveway)0.58 mi233 ft7.6%
Blip after Papa Bear0.42 mi102 ft4.5%
Bear Creek Rd Kick0.19 mi72 ft7.1%
Papa Bear Descent CC0.89 mi-295 ft-6.2%
Happy Valley from Bear Creek1.06 mi364 ft6.5%
the steep shit0.47 mi262 ft10.5%
Happy Valley to Camino Sobrante2.00 mi-387 ft-3.6%
Miner Rd0.95 mi-59 ft-1.2%
El Toyonal/Loma Vista1.35 mi663 ft9.3%
Toyonal-Loma Vista-Toyonal-Lomas Cantadas2.70 mi1,237 ft8.5%
Lomas Cantadas (LKHC)2.46 mi1,207 ft9.3%
Loma Vista Dr Climb0.54 mi292 ft10.2%
El Toyonal Nutshot (Loma Vista to Alta Vista Crest)0.46 mi230 ft9.3%
Spock! Help me, Spock!0.86 mi568 ft12.5%
Alta Vista to crest of Lomas Cantadas0.46 mi322 ft13.1%
Lomas Cantadas (Alta Vista to Steam Trains)0.66 mi358 ft9.6%
Grizzly Peak Descent Lomas Contadas to Claremont1.07 mi-328 ft-5.8%
Grizzly - Claremont Descent2.97 mi-1,270 ft-8.1%
Grizzly Peak Descent0.92 mi-269 ft-5.6%
Grizzly Peak Descent0.78 mi-259 ft-6.2%
grizzly peak descent0.51 mi-180 ft-6.7%
Claremont Descent1.89 mi-915 ft-9.1%
Bomb1.01 mi-574 ft-11.0%
lower claremont1.12 mi-528 ft-8.8%
Claremont descent - no more twists 0.94 mi-397 ft-8.0%
The Derby Dive0.21 mi-56 ft-5.0%