Tour de Redlands Heights

Cycling Route

24.61 mi
2,293 ft
BC Route
Created By
Devin Wilson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cajon Palm to Highland0.23 mi43 ft3.4%
Up Up and Up: Prospect to Panorama Point2.92 mi633 ft4.1%
Highland to Wabash climb2.26 mi417 ft3.5%
Franklin Climb (Garden to Hilton)0.57 mi95 ft3.1%
100% Sunset East to West6.81 mi-554 ft-0.1%
A"Joyous"B, You're dead to me!2.38 mi466 ft3.7%
ford to wabash on sunset1.22 mi236 ft3.7%
Climb to Panorama Pt.0.55 mi148 ft5.0%
Sunset Wabash Kicker0.21 mi102 ft7.9%
wabash to altavista1.11 mi217 ft3.7%
The Point Down to Alessandro3.92 mi-518 ft-2.3%
Sunset Alta Vista to Helen0.77 mi-59 ft-1.4%
Sunset DH Palo Alto to Rossmont1.65 mi-154 ft-1.4%
Feed Zone down to Elder on the Set0.82 mi-75 ft-1.7%
Down, down, down4.21 mi-650 ft-2.9%
Sunset Feed Zone to Edgemont1.02 mi-141 ft-2.6%
Sundowning2.81 mi-489 ft-3.3%
Bomb Down Sunset2.78 mi-463 ft-3.2%
The Wall - Reverse0.63 mi-151 ft-4.5%
Center Line Rule 0.86 mi-200 ft-4.4%
Bottom of The Wall to Alessandro1.02 mi-194 ft-3.6%
Sprint past the Castle to Ridge0.32 mi-39 ft-2.4%
Sunset/Mariposa to Smiley2.25 mi-331 ft-2.8%
Bomb Down Serpentine0.36 mi-92 ft-4.8%
San Jacinto Sprint0.14 mi30 ft3.9%
Alessandro to Sunset0.52 mi135 ft4.8%
sunset1.62 mi394 ft4.5%
Sunset (Alessandro to Ridge)0.67 mi141 ft3.9%
Alessandro to Palo Alto3.20 mi528 ft3.1%
Alessandro to Mariposa turn1.00 mi200 ft3.7%
On The Set0.22 mi46 ft3.9%
Citrus TT - Sunset2.69 mi456 ft3.2%
Get Your Speed up for THE WALL0.21 mi23 ft2.0%
Persistence1.79 mi289 ft3.1%
The Wall0.53 mi167 ft5.9%
TNWC climb (mariposa dr-burns ln) 20171.97 mi315 ft3.0%
Sweet Caroline0.30 mi85 ft5.2%
WC Money Maker1.93 mi299 ft2.9%
Sunset KOM finish0.23 mi75 ft6.2%
Caroline to Garden Crest - Fountain to fountain1.19 mi174 ft2.6%
Sunset; Rossmont to Bond1.26 mi131 ft1.9%
Tuesday night sprint (updated 2019)0.31 mi30 ft1.8%
To The Point0.51 mi-43 ft-1.3%
E Sunset Sprint0.25 mi33 ft2.0%
Panorama Punishment0.05 mi7 ft1.1%
Flop the Turn (Sunset)0.36 mi-79 ft-3.9%
Arbor shenanigans0.32 mi39 ft0.1%
flop the turn0.09 mi-16 ft-3.2%
the hammer hill0.16 mi-26 ft-1.5%
Ridge St Kicker0.06 mi-7 ft-1.9%