Forest Falls

Cycling Route

46.97 mi
5,360 ft
BC Route
Created By
Devin Wilson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
East Palm Short Climb0.23 mi20 ft1.4%
5th Ave Dragger0.51 mi69 ft2.5%
Redlands Mini-Roubaix0.75 mi141 ft3.6%
6th Ave0.42 mi79 ft3.5%
Walnut South1.15 mi292 ft4.7%
overcrest1.71 mi259 ft1.8%
Overcrest Drive climb0.52 mi154 ft5.6%
Overcrest Dr. Climb0.85 mi207 ft4.5%
Overcrest DH0.40 mi-92 ft-4.3%
chapman heights rd1.66 mi190 ft1.8%
Thunderbird to Gold Mountain Climb0.88 mi174 ft3.7%
Green Jersey0.13 mi-16 ft-1.5%
Pinehurst / Forest Oaks climb0.94 mi138 ft2.8%
Pinehurst TT0.27 mi49 ft3.3%
stonewood climb0.51 mi125 ft4.7%
Oak Glen - Stonewood to Sunnyside0.51 mi59 ft2.2%
Bryant - OG to SS0.70 mi39 ft0.8%
Ranger Station To Forest Falls Store9.27 mi2,927 ft6.0%
Complete Forest Falls Climb10.25 mi3,343 ft6.2%
Damnation Alley to the Bend6.21 mi1,778 ft5.4%
Mill Creek RS to Loch Leven3.60 mi1,056 ft5.4%
Alder Dr Climb0.99 mi302 ft5.8%
State Highway 38 Climb1.04 mi305 ft5.5%
38 to Forest Falls - Winter3.96 mi1,457 ft7.0%
38 to Forest Falls4.09 mi1,463 ft6.8%
Was I supposed to make a left??2.40 mi846 ft6.7%
Forest Home to The End2.26 mi846 ft7.1%
Forest Home to Downtown1.20 mi417 ft6.6%
HTFU!0.42 mi210 ft9.3%
Forest Falls DH to Bryant10.19 mi-3,307 ft-6.1%
forest falls DH (FULL)3.84 mi-1,348 ft-6.6%
38 TT (Extended)6.04 mi-1,791 ft-5.6%
Sprint to the Ranger Station0.65 mi-197 ft-5.7%
Bryant St. To Sunday Rest Stop0.84 mi197 ft4.4%
Ranger Station 1.22 mi135 ft1.4%
Sunnyside to Oak Glenn 0.71 mi-39 ft-0.8%
Oak Glen Return, Bryant to 5th1.27 mi-272 ft-4.1%
Oak Glen Rd: Bryant to Chapman Heights2.12 mi-427 ft-3.8%
{GMS} eh crap... we lost a chair0.31 mi-121 ft-7.2%
GMS SPRINT1.23 mi-295 ft-4.5%
GMS short sprint0.83 mi-167 ft-3.8%
Un, Dos, Quarttro!0.59 mi26 ft0.7%
Cramer to Thunderbird trail head1.38 mi-174 ft-2.1%
Taco Tuesday King of the Coast(KOC)0.67 mi-157 ft-4.3%
Ave E Part 20.89 mi20 ft0.2%
Ave E1.08 mi33 ft0.5%
Overcrest (backside to Tennessee)0.44 mi105 ft4.5%
back overcrest0.79 mi112 ft2.2%
6 St Rumble0.40 mi-72 ft-3.4%
Bomb Down Pure Bomb Cinnamon0.38 mi-66 ft-3.1%