Cycling Route

38.22 km
248 m
Created By
Kelvin M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
19th Ave - Leslie to McCowan8.28 km15 m0.0%
Leslie to Kennedy across 19th6.08 km-21 m-0.2%
19th - Leslie - Woodbine1.65 km-7 m-0.3%
19th Wood To Ward1.97 km8 m0.1%
16th east autobaun 7.95 km-20 m-0.1%
CookieRide : 6km on 19th from Woodbine to McCowan6.20 km-17 m-0.1%
CCC : 10km 19th EB from Woodbine to Ninth10.38 km31 m0.2%
19 Again1.98 km-14 m-0.3%
19th W to E3.93 km-15 m-0.3%
Quick Sprint To Bruce Creek0.74 km-13 m-1.7%
2 min of fame2.07 km-17 m-0.2%
kd to 48 east 3.92 km16 m0.2%
Dickson Hill0.32 km14 m4.3%
19th Ave - 9th to 481.76 km16 m0.9%
19th - Ninth to Reesor2.69 km35 m0.4%
9th and 19th Hill0.46 km18 m3.9%
Drop it like it's hawt 0.70 km-31 m-4.4%
19th Termination Hill0.57 km7 m1.1%
York Durham Line - Main St. sprint0.49 km2 m0.3%
To Red Bulb2.31 km-17 m-0.2%
Stouffille Traffic Light Lottery1.87 km-19 m-0.8%
Rupert Ave Climb0.86 km122 m14.2%
Ninth Line Sunset to Hoover0.53 km-7 m-1.3%
Hoover to 19th on 9th1.25 km-8 m-0.6%
19th Ave - Ninth to Hwy 482.01 km-17 m-0.9%
Nine Inch Dick2.01 km-20 m-1.0%
CCC : 10km 19th WB from 9th to Woodbine10.42 km-30 m-0.2%
19th Ave - Hwy 48 to McCowan2.00 km-9 m-0.3%
19 going west4.16 km17 m0.3%
4 blocks west7.82 km27 m0.2%
19th Ave Washboard1.94 km14 m0.5%
Woodbine Washboard1.93 km14 m0.6%
十九街上啃你的窝蛋1.93 km15 m0.4%
19th - Warden to Woodbine1.86 km-7 m-0.1%
full burp west1.52 km-12 m-0.1%
19th avenue hill1.46 km16 m0.3%
19th - Woodbine to Leslie1.78 km7 m0.3%
Leslie - 19th to Richmond Green1.41 km-12 m-0.9%