ABZ City Ride: Sheddocksley, the Bucks Burn and Tyrebagger

Cycling Route

22.59 km
378 m
Created By
Macdui Bike Adventures
May 14, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Away from Sheddocksley1.51 km27 m1.8%
Sheddocksley Stradé B'Manky0.65 km5 m0.6%
Gwin Factor0.83 km-43 m-5.2%
Down 2 the Burn0.83 km-41 m-5.0%
Roots and rocks0.75 km-30 m-4.0%
Green burn towards A960.76 km39 m5.0%
Dropped my Handbag - West1.33 km48 m2.4%
Red Route Climb0.82 km40 m4.9%
Elrick's back door1.14 km20 m0.3%
Bench to Bridge0.79 km-37 m-4.6%
Rooty Climb0.58 km21 m3.6%
Dogging hot spot0.63 km-13 m-1.9%
craibstone descent1.18 km-50 m-4.2%
Speed trap0.76 km-38 m-4.5%
Ian Beale 1/4 mile0.37 km-35 m-9.3%
Actual Craibstone Descent0.49 km-39 m-7.8%
Deceptive Hill1.02 km26 m2.3%
Core Path - East1.95 km-27 m-0.3%
Between the Fields0.73 km-18 m-2.2%
Sports Centre Dash1.48 km-24 m-1.6%