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Cycling Route

75.13 mi
5,246 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
7th from Indiana to Rogers0.59 mi43 ft0.3%
7th, from Dunn to Adams1.08 mi79 ft1.2%
Getting out of Dodge1.36 mi105 ft0.2%
Fountain Drive Climb to Vernal Pike0.75 mi85 ft2.1%
Woodyard Pike to Pike NW1.19 mi112 ft0.2%
Woodyard and Ratliff (Vernal to Thomas)4.44 mi-128 ft-0.2%
Ye Olde Train Depot1.16 mi52 ft0.4%
Woodyard Climb0.23 mi62 ft4.7%
Thomas (N from Ratliff to Reeves)0.91 mi39 ft0.3%
Elletsville to 435.46 mi167 ft0.0%
Reeves n Hardscrable4.75 mi174 ft0.0%
Reeves Road0.86 mi131 ft2.9%
Scrabble my Dabble2.26 mi135 ft0.4%
Hardscrabble Road0.54 mi112 ft3.7%
North from Hardscrabble to 46 junction2.45 mi-89 ft-0.3%
North from Hardscrabble to the Park Entrance2.62 mi-89 ft-0.3%
River Rd West2.00 mi-203 ft-1.8%
River Road to Cemetery Hill0.22 mi108 ft8.9%
200 E to 433.08 mi246 ft1.5%
200 E Climb #20.61 mi108 ft2.7%
log splitter sprint0.23 mi23 ft0.5%
sugar hill south0.84 mi112 ft2.3%
shop to whitehall6.99 mi-243 ft-0.2%
Freeman to Whitehall3.55 mi226 ft0.4%
3 humper0.64 mi89 ft2.5%
Whitehall Eastbound0.47 mi128 ft5.2%
Whitehall Cemetery to Hendricksville 2.82 mi-39 ft-0.2%
43 Crank to Chapel7.81 mi269 ft0.4%
Whitehall to Yoho Road6.65 mi194 ft0.4%
Flatting as no hills tomorrow2.22 mi-108 ft-0.8%
SM Solsberry Hill0.72 mi226 ft5.9%
Gray's Hill near Solsberry0.53 mi213 ft7.4%
last hill 431.22 mi246 ft3.7%
Springville > Gas Line3.76 mi-144 ft-0.1%
Springville to Harrodsburg road1.65 mi66 ft0.8%
Old 37 Northbound from Judah8.32 mi-276 ft-0.1%
Judah to Harrodsburg Station3.22 mi-240 ft-1.3%
N on Old 37 from Judah Dollar Store to Smithville Road7.14 mi-282 ft-0.1%
Grinding Old 37 northbound from Siebolt Quarry Rd to Walnut8.73 mi-279 ft-0.2%
Old 37 Northbound from Clear Creek to Smithville Road3.58 mi295 ft1.0%
Old 37 North4.59 mi256 ft0.6%
South Old State Road 370.89 mi184 ft3.9%
Old 37 on ramp to Cedar Bluff Rd1.45 mi213 ft2.8%
Old 37 Last Climb0.75 mi89 ft1.0%
Weeeeeee0.97 mi-72 ft-1.0%
Church to Winslow on Rogers1.95 mi95 ft0.8%
Rogers, northbound Church to Hillside2.95 mi105 ft0.5%
Rogers from That Road to Patterson2.58 mi79 ft0.5%
Batchelor Rollers North0.89 mi49 ft1.0%
B-Line from Patterson to 4th0.80 mi33 ft0.7%