Aug 15 Walter's Falls w/Epping 80K

Cycling Route

79.74 km
957 m
Created By
Richard W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bowles Down1.29 km-122 m-9.4%
Full Epping Climb7.40 km185 m2.5%
thunder in peddles 6.15 km195 m3.1%
Epping - main climb4.12 km166 m4.0%
Short Epping 4.14 km172 m4.1%
Epping half climb1.51 km80 m5.3%
Sideroad 22B Climb2.44 km214 m8.8%
Boneyard to 403.67 km-27 m-0.6%
North on 12, 40 to 107.29 km-175 m-2.4%
Side Road 10 west, 12 to 186.49 km-26 m-0.0%
Grey Rd 29 South10.21 km133 m0.9%
Euphrasia Holland TL, Walters Falls to 22A4.85 km38 m0.7%
Sideroad 22A, TL to 11th2.60 km22 m0.6%
Grey Rd 12 - SR22A to 3012.81 km36 m0.1%
TT-3 bumps5.07 km-36 m-0.5%
30 East Bound5.47 km-20 m-0.1%
TT-9to7 on 30 2.5k2.65 km20 m0.1%