BWR Recon - Black Canyon

Cycling Route

48.35 mi
4,235 ft
Created By
John W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
pile east0.73 mi62 ft0.7%
Black Canyon Road complete12.64 mi1,693 ft2.5%
2022 BWR KOS #20.63 mi79 ft2.2%
black canyon first leg0.97 mi223 ft4.3%
Black Canyon (not dangerous!)4.70 mi509 ft0.4%
OLD VERSION - Zwartenberg Kort2.50 mi456 ft3.4%
2018 BWR KOD #14.56 mi495 ft0.3%
Black Canyon 2.53 mi486 ft3.6%
BWR KOM #2 part 1 (2014)2.49 mi469 ft3.6%
Black Canyon North - All dirt11.15 mi1,522 ft2.6%
2019 BWR King of the Canyon part 111.08 mi1,552 ft2.6%
Black Canyon Rd-1st Segment0.78 mi207 ft5.0%
Black Canyon Climb10.69 mi1,516 ft2.4%
Forest Route 12505 Climb1.14 mi272 ft4.4%
Black Canyon Rd - 2nd Segment0.92 mi223 ft4.6%
12505 DH gravel2.50 mi98 ft0.2%
2021 BWR KOM #2: The Zwarternberger6.56 mi1,473 ft4.3%
The Dirty Devil Black Canyon QOM/KOM6.39 mi1,388 ft4.1%
Black Canyon Rd from 12S07 to Hallyeyaaw Fire Station1.74 mi338 ft3.7%
black canyon road climb6.39 mi1,444 ft4.3%
Black Canyon Rd Climb1.16 mi305 ft4.8%
Indian Fire Station to mesa grande4.66 mi1,079 ft4.4%
Black Canyon Last Climb4.64 mi1,063 ft4.3%
Up Black Canyon 3.15 mi794 ft4.8%
Black Canyon Road to Gate3.10 mi771 ft4.7%
Hallyeyaaw to Mesa Verde Climb4.36 mi1,010 ft4.4%
Black Cyn: Good Ranch to Mesa Grande2.80 mi597 ft4.0%
mesa eastbound final roller and descent3.01 mi-440 ft-1.8%
Mesa Grande descent (Santa Ysabel)1.75 mi-394 ft-4.2%
79 South1.79 mi-62 ft-0.1%
Santa Ysabel Roller1.40 mi95 ft0.4%
Pie to 78 split 5.63 mi-499 ft-1.4%
Dudleys to OJH KT5.62 mi-495 ft-1.6%
Short climb out of Santa Ysabel0.60 mi79 ft2.2%
danger zone2.22 mi-282 ft-2.4%
Blackened Style6.10 mi-646 ft-0.6%
2021 BWR KOD #1: Zwartenberg Omgekeerde2.05 mi446 ft4.0%
Forest Route 12505 Climb1.95 mi390 ft3.8%
Forest Route 12505 Climb1.94 mi394 ft3.9%
forest route climb Don't flag!2.41 mi371 ft1.8%
Black Canyon - Last Climb Back1.57 mi328 ft4.0%
black canyon reverse to pavement3.24 mi-453 ft-1.7%
Black Canyon Rd-Oak Tree to Pavement2.47 mi-446 ft-3.4%
pick yourself up off the ground3.68 mi-541 ft-2.8%
Ladridown2.35 mi-367 ft-2.9%
Dirt to Pine1.70 mi-187 ft-2.1%
Edge of Pavement to Pile1.57 mi-154 ft-1.8%
Pile West0.70 mi-59 ft-0.7%
elm1.27 mi-49 ft-0.7%