Past Week

Lazy 16

Cycling Route

10.45 mi
2,007 ft
Created By
Fiddle S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hogback south to Lower Codell0.63 mi174 ft5.1%
Hogback Valley Trail Climb0.84 mi223 ft5.0%
hogback chairlift0.51 mi121 ft4.5%
Gold Lion0.19 mi-82 ft-8.0%
Short Course High Drive TT0.72 mi433 ft11.1%
Bottom of High to Top of Palmer3.06 mi1,204 ft7.4%
Palmer - High Dr Gate to Top (med wheel entrance)3.09 mi1,247 ft7.6%
New Palmer Trail head to bridge1.45 mi568 ft7.3%
Palmer Trail(accurate GPS) High Dr to top2.14 mi768 ft6.8%
Palmer Trail new trail head0.16 mi69 ft6.4%
New Palmer entrance0.18 mi148 ft14.6%
Full Climb Section 16 2.89 mi755 ft4.0%
Palmer - Section 16 Enduro3.61 mi-961 ft-0.7%
Enduro 16.13.50 mi-804 ft-0.3%
Palmer Trail - From High Drive to Top2.05 mi814 ft7.5%
High Dr Climb0.82 mi361 ft8.3%
Ghost of Queen1.93 mi735 ft7.2%
Hustle and Flow0.41 mi75 ft2.1%
Crystal Park Rd Climb0.46 mi285 ft11.5%
Nix Tree1.43 mi-883 ft-11.6%
Eric Foreplay 0.63 mi-154 ft-4.0%
Happy Gilmore 1.46 mi-1,093 ft-14.2%
Gnar Gnar0.52 mi-531 ft-18.8%
Section 16 Descent0.78 mi-751 ft-18.1%
Ridin High0.38 mi-374 ft-18.4%
No Brakes0.55 mi-417 ft-14.3%
But this is the best part!0.41 mi-167 ft-7.3%
719 First DH0.40 mi-154 ft-7.3%
Red Rock Loop East0.69 mi-171 ft-3.4%
Up the Connector0.27 mi92 ft6.3%
Rico's Shop0.24 mi-161 ft-12.0%
Hannah Montana0.65 mi-177 ft-5.1%
White Line+0.80 mi-249 ft-5.6%
Lower Codell descent0.64 mi-187 ft-5.5%
Red Rock Pump Track0.64 mi-171 ft-5.0%