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Ironbike 125km

Cycling Route

123.71 km
1,153 m
Include the Hawrelak loops and additional Fort Road section for 125, or drop the Hawrelak loops and extra stretch for a 100km route. Turnaround at the Hawrelak loop for closer to a 75km route.
Created By
dave bellous

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Quarry South (New Trail)4.46 km11 m0.1%
Quarry South6.63 km34 m0.5%
Before Bannerman6.87 km41 m0.5%
Golf Course Switchback0.39 km16 m3.9%
Devils Horns - South1.14 km22 m0.2%
Southbound Bridge To Sign Climb 0.54 km21 m4.0%
Rundle hill practice0.39 km29 m7.2%
Yellowhead Hill0.60 km20 m3.3%
Rundle Frisbee Evasion Climb0.40 km11 m1.8%
Sideline0.44 km11 m1.5%
Scona Road Path Climb1.07 km42 m3.7%
Hop N Hurl Single Track0.29 km-13 m-4.0%
Kinney 0.30 km12 m0.2%
EMP Blast0.75 km-16 m-2.0%
Hawrelak Footbridge to Sask Drive - Road2.15 km40 m1.7%
WTS Edmonton Hill Climb0.83 km32 m3.8%
Hawrelak to whitemud park4.09 km-56 m-0.3%
87th Ave to University Ave0.53 km-2 m-0.1%
University Ave to 76th Ave0.59 km-1 m-0.1%
Long boarders luge (cornering challenge)0.37 km-14 m-3.7%
Head o' steam into Keillor Flats (WB)1.41 km-23 m-1.6%
I taste Blood (no Hazards) 1.11 km-9 m-0.7%
4-way to Ribbon (south bound)1.72 km-31 m-1.4%
Terwillegar Foot Bridge Southbound0.19 km2 m1.1%
Double Track Attack0.73 km37 m5.0%
RollerCoaster1.10 km-21 m-1.5%
Real Under Henday Westbound0.41 km11 m1.6%
Cameron Heights KOM1.77 km48 m2.7%
Cameron Heights Climb1.10 km41 m3.6%
Cameron Heights Steep Part0.55 km35 m6.1%
Cameron Heights To Henday Down1.71 km-45 m-2.6%
Terwillegar Foot Bridge0.20 km-1 m-0.2%
Getting away from the dogs1.52 km-6 m-0.1%
Personal Fort Edmonton Trail1.17 km28 m0.5%
Fur Trader Dash0.32 km3 m0.4%
Seilers Dad Bod1.77 km40 m2.1%
Belgravia Hill0.48 km27 m5.5%
Just the climb!0.54 km37 m6.9%
Groat Road Bomb0.72 km-24 m-3.3%
New Queen E Trail from Waterdale0.32 km16 m4.9%
Too Much0.21 km-14 m-6.1%
Forest Heights Climb0.73 km38 m5.1%
Caddytrack0.66 km-13 m-1.5%
Fraser Bike Path1.83 km-5 m-0.1%
Henday NE Roller to Quarry Lookout8.43 km-41 m-0.0%
Devils Horns - North1.20 km-22 m-0.2%
North Bridge Bandit *sans stupidity 0.55 km22 m4.0%
Quarry North5.20 km25 m0.3%
Quarry Overlook0.50 km24 m4.5%
Old Fort Rd 18th to Meridian2.65 km6 m0.0%