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Nashville + (cw)

Cycling Route

50.87 mi
3,102 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
7th through campus from Indiana to 461.37 mi82 ft0.9%
7th ST Campus Climb 0.92 mi85 ft1.7%
7th to Union 0.34 mi20 ft1.1%
7th Street, Jordan to tunnel (eastbound)0.83 mi52 ft0.7%
Eastbound 7th from Jordan to Pete Ellis1.22 mi52 ft0.4%
Bike Path Uphill from under SR 45-46 Bypass0.08 mi16 ft3.8%
7th and Longview, tunnel to Kingston0.37 mi26 ft1.0%
Smith to Bethel2.99 mi69 ft0.3%
45 Smith to Tunnel5.30 mi85 ft0.2%
Mario Kart's Kalimari Desert1.71 mi75 ft0.2%
45 - Bethel to Tunnel2.38 mi-36 ft-0.0%
Tunnel 45 to S. Shore2.35 mi-85 ft-0.6%
Tunnel from 45 to Robinson0.80 mi-30 ft-0.3%
S Shore TT East4.17 mi-190 ft-0.4%
Hello, Lake Lemon0.69 mi-187 ft-5.1%
Southshore eastbound3.28 mi46 ft0.1%
S. Shore Flat East1.05 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Bean Blossom Boogie: Helmsburg RR to 1351.85 mi69 ft0.6%
Bear Wallow Hill Rd Southbound1.06 mi302 ft5.4%
Bear Wallow - the fun part0.18 mi121 ft12.2%
Bear Wallow SB DH0.84 mi-328 ft-7.2%
Greasy Creek- Bear Wallow to Main Street1.83 mi-52 ft-0.6%
Southside of Helmsburg Road Hill0.64 mi141 ft4.1%
Owl Creek Rd + Climb2.12 mi322 ft2.9%
Triple Mulberry Vanilla Bean5.32 mi325 ft1.0%
Owl Creek Hill0.63 mi226 ft6.8%
Owl Creek Road0.46 mi187 ft7.6%
Mario Kart's Choco Mountain3.06 mi-102 ft-0.1%
Lanam Ridge Westbound8.29 mi-131 ft-0.1%
45 Lanam to Tunnel5.11 mi-128 ft-0.1%
45 from Mt Gilead to Russel3.54 mi-49 ft-0.2%
45 from Tunnel to the Post Office6.10 mi-102 ft-0.1%
45 Tunnel to Smith5.26 mi-82 ft-0.2%
45 Tunnel to Bethel2.22 mi-30 ft0.0%
45 Bethel to Russell2.78 mi-69 ft-0.1%
45 from Bethel to Woodbridge3.33 mi-92 ft-0.3%
Dot's Around Russell2.09 mi-43 ft-0.0%
Mt Gilead to 10th (eastbound)2.14 mi-89 ft-0.2%
Upside Down Mash0.58 mi-79 ft-1.7%
Sprint Test Hill0.22 mi16 ft1.0%
7th Street Meat0.16 mi-7 ft-0.7%