Past Week

Back Down South(ccw)

Cycling Route

56.37 mi
3,984 ft
Created By
Kevin H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2nd to Grimes Sprint (RS)0.54 mi-26 ft-0.9%
RIP Salt Crick0.27 mi20 ft0.4%
Rogers from Hillside to Gordon Pike (southbound)1.90 mi-62 ft-0.4%
Batchelor Rollers South0.92 mi-56 ft-1.1%
Old 37 Dillman to Ketcham1.46 mi-157 ft-0.0%
old 37 south4.70 mi-289 ft-0.7%
Old 37 TT SB8.40 mi279 ft0.1%
Old 37 SB First Hill0.47 mi85 ft3.1%
Old 37 south of Ketcham0.26 mi72 ft5.1%
Old 37 southbound from Smithville Rd to Sieboldt Quarry Rd7.17 mi289 ft0.1%
Harrodsburg to Judah Combo2.02 mi187 ft1.7%
Hill #1 south of Harrodsburg0.55 mi95 ft3.2%
Burg to 373.24 mi256 ft1.4%
Old 370.53 mi164 ft5.8%
S Old 370.53 mi161 ft5.1%
Old 37S climb0.49 mi164 ft5.8%
Enjoy the wind, don't break1.23 mi-135 ft-1.3%
Peerless Kick0.31 mi95 ft5.6%
Pleasant Grind0.56 mi118 ft3.9%
E 200 Climb South1.03 mi118 ft2.0%
Shawswick Redemption0.93 mi125 ft2.5%
Ep Hot Zone3.89 mi131 ft0.2%
sprint for gas0.59 mi23 ft0.1%
The drag 0.96 mi75 ft1.4%
446 North: Henderson Creek to Allen Creek5.04 mi249 ft0.9%
Is this Real life? Or dream?2.01 mi223 ft2.1%
446 Chapel Hill to Causeway3.73 mi-272 ft-1.4%
446 Chapel Hill to Causeway3.73 mi-272 ft-1.4%
446 Chapel Hill to Pine Grove7.20 mi269 ft0.0%
N. 446 Chapel Hill to Moores Pike10.58 mi312 ft0.0%
446 Allen's Creek to Paynetown4.37 mi-262 ft-0.6%
Causeway North0.70 mi26 ft0.4%
446 Causeway to Pine Grove3.14 mi269 ft1.6%
Causeway North0.57 mi180 ft5.9%
Knightridge0.51 mi190 ft7.0%
446 circuit northbound1.81 mi118 ft0.1%
446 Northbound from Old 446 to Swartz Ridge Rd1.15 mi-62 ft-0.3%
446 from Schwarz Ridge to Lampkins1.92 mi49 ft0.5%
446- Gross to the Blinking light.1.20 mi69 ft0.5%
S Clifton Ave Climb0.68 mi387 ft10.7%
Covenanter Drive0.49 mi56 ft1.8%
South Anita Street Climb0.36 mi367 ft19.0%