Sunday August 30th route 33 miles

Cycling Route

32.75 mi
2,565 ft
Created By
John Hubbard
August 28, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tenby to Lystep3.18 mi184 ft1.0%
Kiln Park Hill (From Tenby)0.21 mi56 ft4.8%
The Penally Mile1.03 mi13 ft0.1%
Lydstep Climb2.88 mi230 ft1.5%
Penally to Celtic Haven1.50 mi154 ft1.9%
Penally to Lydstep Tavern Climb1.53 mi184 ft2.3%
Chequers to Lydstep Tavern1.35 mi135 ft1.9%
Lydstep to Jameston2.66 mi131 ft0.6%
Blast out of Jameston0.80 mi-105 ft-2.5%
freshwater village1.39 mi164 ft2.2%
Jason road climb0.91 mi138 ft2.7%
Lamphey Descent1.04 mi-207 ft-3.7%
aces segment #52.94 mi-269 ft-0.3%
Lamphey to Stephen's Green Lane1.44 mi243 ft2.7%
flemish to sg0.48 mi-30 ft-0.1%
lamphey towards ridgeway0.83 mi194 ft4.4%
Ridgeway Riser I1.12 mi230 ft3.8%
ridgeway climb0.47 mi177 ft7.1%
Ridgeway Riser II0.76 mi200 ft4.9%
Down Stephens Green1.36 mi-236 ft-3.2%
Deer park lane to Egg Farm0.91 mi-220 ft-4.6%
Milton Descent0.83 mi-233 ft-5.3%
roundabout to castle lane sprint0.21 mi-7 ft-0.7%
Climb from Carew to Whitehill0.71 mi154 ft4.1%
carew a40750.75 mi148 ft3.7%
castle school climb0.52 mi148 ft5.4%
cresselly to lawrenny steep bit0.32 mi128 ft7.2%
Martletwyish2Cross2.00 mi92 ft0.6%
Bowls to Lovestone1.50 mi-115 ft-0.6%
Lovestone Bypass Down1.00 mi-174 ft-3.3%
Climb to Jeffreyston0.59 mi125 ft3.7%
Bridge to the kink0.24 mi56 ft4.2%
jeff down to the brook1.41 mi-121 ft-1.2%
Jeff to Heatherton2.78 mi-190 ft-0.0%
A477 Climb0.77 mi266 ft6.5%
Red to St Flo0.50 mi105 ft3.9%
Heatherton to Tenby2.06 mi-207 ft-1.4%
Eastbound and Up to the Dino Park0.27 mi62 ft4.3%
Gumfreston part 1 DOWNHILL0.46 mi-128 ft-5.0%