Quick n Hilly

Cycling Route

25.27 mi
2,992 ft
Created By
Stephen V
September 11, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Plantations Rd 0.51 mi89 ft0.8%
Caldwell kicker0.15 mi95 ft11.6%
Caldwell Dr to Game Farm0.62 mi26 ft0.6%
Mount Pleasant2.85 mi820 ft5.4%
Mt. Pleasant (366 to Turkey Hill)0.39 mi144 ft7.0%
Mount Pleasant to Mineah3.75 mi801 ft3.5%
Beechnut Terrace Climb0.95 mi427 ft8.4%
Mt Pleasant- TH to Deerhaven0.42 mi272 ft12.2%
Mt. Pleasant (Turkey Hill to first climb)0.69 mi318 ft8.7%
Mt. Pleasant (Turkey Hill to Observatory)2.37 mi623 ft5.0%
Mt. Pleasant to second rise3.11 mi659 ft3.9%
Mt. Pleasant climbs between Deerhaven & Mineah2.69 mi361 ft2.5%
ringwood to 13 down1.47 mi-479 ft-6.1%
Full Yellow Barn3.15 mi640 ft1.9%
Yellow Barn1.44 mi646 ft8.5%
Yellow Barn from Corn Crib1.48 mi646 ft8.3%
Yellow Barn from Ferguson1.21 mi574 ft8.9%
Yellow Barn down backside1.65 mi-325 ft-3.7%
Midline Yellow Barn to Ringwood0.97 mi56 ft1.0%
Ringwood Down from Midline2.07 mi-440 ft-4.0%
Ringwood going down1.58 mi-436 ft-5.2%
Lower Genung (between EHC & EH)0.73 mi154 ft3.7%
Snyder Hill Rd Climb1.04 mi348 ft6.3%
Upper Genung Rd 20.63 mi213 ft6.2%
Upper Genung Road0.64 mi200 ft5.6%
Quarry Rd Down0.72 mi-266 ft-6.9%
Hoy Road Short Sprint to Phillips0.30 mi-23 ft-1.4%
David's Running0.78 mi197 ft1.3%
Last Hill0.14 mi39 ft5.3%
Last hill (full length)0.37 mi115 ft4.7%