The slaughter

Cycling Route

46.9 km
2,315 m
Created By
henry m

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Forestry hut to Killowen wall2.36 km78 m3.0%
badgers to atlantic fireroad climb0.80 km40 m5.0%
Lower Ballyedmond Gate to Slieve Martin CAT2 Climb3.38 km412 m12.2%
Hors climb2.81 km377 m13.4%
Killowen Old Rd Climb0.75 km134 m17.7%
Ballyedmond to Mast1.97 km224 m11.4%
Ed to mast split1.57 km203 m12.9%
fireroad from fallows2.98 km-254 m-8.2%
last fly2.44 km-234 m-9.6%
Hold on tight2.22 km-199 m-8.9%
Terminal Velocity1.58 km-129 m-8.1%
Tuck n Roll0.99 km-92 m-9.3%
Shore Rd Climb1.37 km112 m8.0%
Shore Road Climb0.41 km83 m19.9%
End Of the World0.42 km-57 m-13.4%
Rostrevor - Climb 1 (The Lung Buster)1.77 km180 m10.1%
Rostrevor up until Trail ends5.92 km328 m5.5%
THE HILL0.23 km33 m14.3%
Bottom to Bridge2.95 km251 m8.4%
Bottom to 2nd post2.46 km225 m9.1%
Bottom to blacks2.30 km207 m9.0%
Lower Fallows ?1.09 km140 m12.8%
Main Fireroad Climb from Horse Track1.03 km119 m11.4%
Newtown Road Climb0.86 km80 m9.3%
Kilfeaghan Rd Climb1.21 km90 m7.4%
Tunnel to the Mast0.85 km79 m9.3%
Fern Gully0.68 km-155 m-22.8%
fern Gully0.86 km-189 m-21.8%
Fern Gully0.69 km-161 m-22.9%
beetlejuice from downed trees0.48 km-79 m-16.2%
Killowen wall to forestry hut2.24 km-82 m-3.3%