Mogo 68km with 1740m Elevation (Long)

Cycling Route

67.64 km
1,740 m
Created By
goodnessgravel & twowheeltours

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Buckenbowra to Quart Pot8.54 km142 m1.6%
Buckenbowra climb out of Mogo4.01 km127 m3.2%
Buckenbowra last climb1.19 km68 m5.7%
Ross Ridge Rd Climb East from QuartPot0.51 km38 m7.5%
Ross Ridge from Quart Pot0.45 km38 m8.3%
Runnyford Road Climb0.77 km81 m10.5%
Bolaro Mountain Rd (West)8.95 km313 m3.1%
Bolaro Mountain Rd Climb1.10 km119 m10.8%
Gully Rd to Bolaro Top2.52 km185 m7.3%
Bolaro Mountain Rd Downhill (West)3.01 km-271 m-9.0%
Quart Pot Rd South (River to Top) 3.57 km174 m4.9%
Quart Pot Road Climb1.25 km82 m6.5%