Ride 4 Relay Day 3- Kingaroy to Camp Duckadang via Nanango 2019

Cycling Route

87.1 km
1,223 m
Created By
Jason Wyeth

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Get outta town! 2.95 km33 m1.1%
Malar Rd Downhill4.46 km-100 m-2.2%
Not even close - hill 110.32 km104 m1.0%
Nope, still not there - hill 213.75 km131 m1.0%
F@#k this climb Jason... hill 33.99 km136 m3.3%
Hell yeah!!!7.41 km-303 m-4.0%
Cruise along Brisbane River25.36 km-129 m-0.4%