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Golden Hell Week 2.0: North Table Mountain

Running Route

4.18 mi
743 ft
Start and end near New Terrain Brewing Company. Head up Cottonwood and down Waterfall.
Created By
Quinn A
April 21, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
North Table Mtn - Easley Loop3.89 mi741 ft0.0%
Fairmont TH to Top2.29 mi741 ft6.1%
North Table Ascent, Easley Trailhead to the top2.04 mi712 ft6.5%
County Road 193 Climb0.27 mi138 ft9.4%
Lithic Trail Switchbacks0.18 mi102 ft10.8%
Lithic Switchbacks0.20 mi95 ft8.7%
Cottonwood Canyon Trail: Fairmount to Mesa Top2.13 mi686 ft6.0%
The Grotto Loop CW3.22 mi676 ft0.0%
top of lithic to rocky overlook1.56 mi561 ft6.8%
Giddyup1.90 mi587 ft5.8%
West 43rd Drive Climb0.82 mi269 ft6.1%
Saltys-Segment-Challenge-ANormann0.87 mi276 ft5.9%
Dang!? Snakes here too!0.66 mi220 ft6.3%
Cottonwood steepish part0.65 mi266 ft7.6%
Cottonwood Canyon top part1.00 mi295 ft5.5%
New Terrain Trail Club Climb #20.69 mi256 ft6.9%
Full Send0.60 mi-384 ft-12.0%
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls!0.40 mi-318 ft-14.7%
Mesa Top Descent0.39 mi-308 ft-14.9%
Gravity Is Your Friend - The Full Grotto Descent1.01 mi-587 ft-10.9%
Easley Road Final Mile1.03 mi-531 ft-9.8%
Lithic to Mesa Top0.46 mi-200 ft-7.7%
A short North Table Loop Descent0.41 mi-180 ft-8.0%
Lithic Trail Descent0.18 mi-95 ft-9.8%
OLD VERSION - Bridge to Beer0.24 mi-7 ft-0.5%