Past Two Weeks

Golden Hell Week 2.0*: Apex Mountain Park

Running Route

5.76 mi
1,252 ft
Updated to avoid bike only trails.
Created By
Quinn A
October 12, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Apex Trail Climb0.68 mi295 ft8.2%
TH > Argos > Pick N' Sledge > Top2.31 mi1,001 ft7.9%
1 Uphill0.86 mi341 ft7.4%
Apex Climb to Top of Pick N Sledge2.32 mi994 ft7.9%
Argos-Pick n Sledge- Full Climb 2.14 mi974 ft8.5%
Apex/Argos/Pick-n-Sledge/Grubstake - Clockwise lollipop4.93 mi-1,004 ft-0.0%
Apex-Argos-PickN'Sledge1.60 mi768 ft9.1%
Argos - Pick N Sledge1.40 mi728 ft9.8%
1/2 mile Argos Trail Hill Repeats0.49 mi187 ft7.1%
Apex Trail Climb0.59 mi262 ft8.2%
2 Uphill0.82 mi453 ft10.2%
Apex Trail Climb0.43 mi269 ft11.7%
Pick 'n Sledge from Grubstake split to Sluicebox Split0.55 mi187 ft6.3%
Pick 'N' Sledge Grubstake summit loop CW2.01 mi-404 ft0.0%
Pick 'n Sledge Grubstake Loop Clockwise2.04 mi-397 ft-1.1%
Grubstake W to E1.47 mi-351 ft-2.3%
Grub that Steak real good0.75 mi-289 ft-4.4%
Enchanted Rd Climb0.27 mi144 ft10.0%
Golden - Apex - Segment 20.58 mi62 ft0.2%
3a Downhill0.50 mi39 ft1.1%
2 Downhill0.82 mi-443 ft-10.2%
Pick N Sledge Argos Descent1.46 mi-702 ft-9.1%
Apex and Argo Descent1.75 mi-814 ft-8.8%
Life's a scream1.39 mi-656 ft-8.9%
Argos descent0.70 mi-262 ft-7.0%
Argos Descent to Apex Bridge0.77 mi-312 ft-7.7%
1 Downhill0.83 mi-338 ft-7.7%