Clarkston-Anatone-Rattlesnake-Joseph Canyon

Cycling Route

102.8 mi
9,592 ft
Clarkston-Asotin-Anatone-Field Springs-Bogains-Joseph Overlook (about 7 miles short of the lookout)-Return
Created By
Rodney S
September 28, 2020·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Riverside Drive Climb0.88 mi16 ft0.1%
Forest Service to Asotin Treatment2.86 mi-13 ft0.0%
Anatone via Rodeo Grounds Climb3.51 mi883 ft4.8%
Anatone Grade from mile marker3.21 mi761 ft4.5%
Highway 129 Climb2.59 mi512 ft3.7%
Rattlesnake Grade Descent6.42 mi-1,726 ft-5.1%
Lewiston Highway Climb10.72 mi2,838 ft5.0%
Highway 129 Climb1.27 mi381 ft5.7%
Lewiston Highway Climb2.10 mi682 ft6.1%
Lewiston Highway Climb2.49 mi722 ft5.5%
Lewiston Grade Descent9.28 mi-2,618 ft-5.3%
Highway 129 Climb1.61 mi387 ft4.6%
Rattlesnake Grade9.95 mi2,657 ft5.1%
Rattlesnake Up6.67 mi1,749 ft5.0%
Washington 129 Climb1.48 mi443 ft5.6%
Anatone to Asotin18.06 mi-2,556 ft-2.7%
Anatone Descent3.86 mi-866 ft-4.2%
Asotin Sewer plant to Forrest Service2.82 mi-13 ft-0.1%