VBR Gran Fondo Valley Ride 2022

Cycling Route

33.2 mi
1,897 ft
Created By
Tim Miller

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Fincastle to Buchanan13.64 mi-528 ft-0.6%
Fincastle to Rt 43 Springwood9.77 mi-492 ft-0.7%
Springwood Rd TT Fincastle to Timber Ridge7.11 mi-295 ft-0.5%
Springwood Rd TT Fincastle to Rt 439.74 mi-492 ft-0.7%
Fincastle to 6383.20 mi295 ft0.7%
Springwood to Wheatland2.34 mi180 ft0.3%
Wheatland to 6354.59 mi-299 ft-0.9%
Springwood - Wheatland to the river6.24 mi-528 ft-1.4%
Springwood TT--Who needs brakes?2.88 mi-256 ft-1.5%
638 to James River HS6.63 mi-505 ft-1.3%
JRHS to Rt. 113.73 mi-82 ft-0.2%
BRGF Timed Segment #23.27 mi-75 ft-0.1%
Buchanan Hill0.34 mi46 ft2.2%
Newtown RD 1.47 mi89 ft0.9%
Nace up9.04 mi499 ft1.0%
Nace to Rt 1110.12 mi492 ft0.6%
Lithia RD to Hardbarger RD 2.47 mi85 ft0.7%
Goodness Lithia 7.59 mi463 ft1.2%
Fringer Trail Nace Climb7.01 mi469 ft1.3%
Nace - Fringer to Bethel1.69 mi121 ft1.4%
Fringer to the Tracks4.11 mi315 ft1.4%
Nace Turnpike to Rt 113.75 mi249 ft0.5%
Camp Bethel to Tracks on Nace2.45 mi207 ft1.6%
Blue Ridge Turnpike to Rt 11 up Nace3.75 mi236 ft0.3%
Camp Bethel To Tracks2.34 mi203 ft1.6%
Last hill0.28 mi59 ft3.7%
BRGF Timed Segment #33.25 mi187 ft0.4%
Brughs Mill - Ammen to Muse1.25 mi-102 ft-0.7%
Muse Rd to Fincastle1.23 mi-75 ft-0.6%